Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today was a stressful day. A long day. A horrible day. A very very sad day.

It all started like normal. Wake up whenever because is was Sunday. Eat breakfast. Do some school work. Grandparents and Aunts came over, the normal Sunday.

Then all of a sudden I hear screaming and crying, and by then I was watching a movie on my computer. I go downstairs to see what is going on and I see pretty much the whole family leaving. I ask my little brother what is going on and he says that our dog attacked my aunt's dog. Now we keep them separated because we knew he is aggressive, but when my aunt was coming inside she didn't realize that our dog was there and he bolted out the dog and got a hold of her dog. She was dead minutes after he got her but they rushed her to the vet anyways.

I got this all when my grandparents came inside and then I proceeded to follow my parents up to bring my grandparent to be with my aunt. When we got there we knew she was dead and they were filling out the paper work to get her cremated.

We then had to go to a clinic for my aunt because we were pretty sure our dog had also broken her finger while she was trying to get him to let go of her dog.

Right now we are keeping my cat on even tighter lock down from the dog as he spends his last night with us. Tomorrow my parents are taking him to be put down. It is sad in many ways. One he killed my aunts dog. Two she didn't want us to put our dog down but we have to he killed another dog and hurt my aunt. Three he is only five. But he has to suffer the consequences for doing what he did. My little brother is so sad because it was more of his dog then anyone elses. My dad is upset that our dog did what he did. And everyone is sad about what happened. It was a hard day today. And it is going to be a hard couple of weeks.

I am posting twice because I had the other post in drafts for a few days as I was trying to give my blog a new style and while my computer was getting debugged.


Dina said...

Oh : (

I am so sorry. That's a horrible situation to be in.

Very sad. It's really a terrible trauma for all of you.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Sorry to read about the upset that went on. Dogs are wonderful companions, and sad to lose.

I just wanted to say thanks for contributing to Dan's surprise, everyone contributing made it really extra special.

(the new look is great btw)

CherryBlossom24 said...

Dina-yeah but good news my aunt is already looking for a new dog.

Xbox-it was fun to contribute and thanks I really like the new look too.