Monday, February 23, 2009

What new Tattoo?

Yeah so the first thing I do when my boyfriend moves across the country, get a tattoo. I mean I wanted it anyways but I guess it was just the timing. Right now it is all crusty and scabbed over but in two weeks it will be a flat part of my skin and will no longer itch(pat don't scratch). I got to get one more before I move out of Austin this summer and then it will not be till I am 21 before I get another one.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Well life is just blah

Jon left Wednesday night for California. He will be back to get some more stuff but for the most part he is gone. I am going to visit him for my spring break but that is not until March 15th, such a long way away. But funny thing is he got stopped by a cop and then when I asked him where he was he had no clue what state he was in I think he was in New Mexico because he was out of Texas but very little chance of being in Arizona but he did get stopped for speeding so I never know, when I call tomorrow at 2:30pmish and he's already in California I will have to say he was in Arizona. This has been hard for me though, I am proud that I haven't cried since the night he left but I know it's gonna happen again eventually.

I'm looking at schools in Arizona and California, more California but being in AZ would be better then being in Texas, I could drive to see him on weekends. Really I'm only looking at ASU (Arizona State University) and SJSU (San Jose State University), SJSU more because it is in the city that Jon will be living in but I have to do it for me, Jon doesn't want me to move for him, so I am moving for school and he is a bonus. I've been looking at SJSU and I think I will like it way better then UT. I will end up taking a semester off but I think that will really do me some good, I'm so sick of school right now that I think if I don't take a break I will end up not finishing and I would rather finish a semester later then not at all.

I've written more in my novel not very much but I just don't have the time anymore. I will get to it and it will be better for me being ready in not in the state of slight writers block I have right now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I just realized..

That I haven't thought about my novel in over a month. It is sad. I know it is because of of the stuff going on with Jon but still I need/want to get back to my writing. And that is what I am going to do while Jon is away this week and then when he is there permanently. I am going to get back to the main reason I started this blog to share bits and pieces of my novel and to encourage myself to keep writing. I think it will be helpful. I mean I was stuck, I had come to the part where I needed to build the romantic relationship between the two main characters but had no romantic experience myself, now going through all that I have been through in the last three month I should be able to get at least a bit more out. And I just realized a good thing for me going out to Cali with Jon my novel is based in AZ but Emma is from Cali and will end up back there to face the evil Lord Banner, so me knowing the state a little better will be a help for my writing. I lived in AZ for two years and was just there last summer visiting a friend. So I know AZ quite well, I miss AZ so much actually, the weather the environment I just miss it. I was so happy there and didn't even realize it until I left, I was 12 and so excited to be going back to my home in Texas that I didn't realize how much i loved AZ and my life there. That is why my novel is set in AZ, because I miss it so much, writing about it helps me relive it, though I lived in Phoenix not Tucson I just couldn't set my novel in Phoenix that would have been to much. When I saw Twilight and the beginning was in Phoenix and I recognized the streets and the city it was a very happy sad moment. It is a little thing, but writing makes me happy and distracts me from what is going on in the real world so getting back to it will be a big help. I really can't believe I let it slip so far away from me, I don't even carry the spiral I'm writing it in around with me anymore. I must get back to my writing and I will do it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

And Nothing is new

Jon is right now sitting in an airport waiting to go to California. HE WILL BE BACK SATURDAY. I am very happy about that but not till like 10pm and it is Valentines day and not that I ever or ever really will care about that holiday I do want to at least spend the day with him, I am thinking that I will go over that night and just spend all of Sunday with him. I asked that weekend off a while ago thinking that I may have to go to California myself that weekend but it looks like he won't be really moving until the beginning of March, which makes me question if I will go out for Spring Break, I mean if he just moved out there he will be so busy that it might be better to save my money and go out there some other time. He is pretty much healed from his wisdom teeth drama I would know was there last night when he took his meds in the wrong order and got sick and then this morning when we both did want to get out of bed, I have class at 8 every morning and I had a quiz in that class so didn't go this morning was to busy not getting out of bed. I mean we hadn't seen each other in over a week and it will be another week before we see each other again cause of his trip to California and well he woke up showed me why he didn't want to get out of bed so how could I have said no, I mean he is so hard to say no to and with the whole in love with him thing it doesn't help that much. Which by the way was still to chicken to tell him, I came close but still nope, I am tempted to text him but he is probably on the plane and couldn't answer and I would drive myself crazy trying to think of how he will respond so I will wait until hr gets back or tell him over the phone sometime this next week. In my own defense I came very close I whispered it but not very loudly not even loud enough for him to question what I was saying. Oh well I got some time. I guess that is it for now.