Friday, February 6, 2009

And Nothing is new

Jon is right now sitting in an airport waiting to go to California. HE WILL BE BACK SATURDAY. I am very happy about that but not till like 10pm and it is Valentines day and not that I ever or ever really will care about that holiday I do want to at least spend the day with him, I am thinking that I will go over that night and just spend all of Sunday with him. I asked that weekend off a while ago thinking that I may have to go to California myself that weekend but it looks like he won't be really moving until the beginning of March, which makes me question if I will go out for Spring Break, I mean if he just moved out there he will be so busy that it might be better to save my money and go out there some other time. He is pretty much healed from his wisdom teeth drama I would know was there last night when he took his meds in the wrong order and got sick and then this morning when we both did want to get out of bed, I have class at 8 every morning and I had a quiz in that class so didn't go this morning was to busy not getting out of bed. I mean we hadn't seen each other in over a week and it will be another week before we see each other again cause of his trip to California and well he woke up showed me why he didn't want to get out of bed so how could I have said no, I mean he is so hard to say no to and with the whole in love with him thing it doesn't help that much. Which by the way was still to chicken to tell him, I came close but still nope, I am tempted to text him but he is probably on the plane and couldn't answer and I would drive myself crazy trying to think of how he will respond so I will wait until hr gets back or tell him over the phone sometime this next week. In my own defense I came very close I whispered it but not very loudly not even loud enough for him to question what I was saying. Oh well I got some time. I guess that is it for now.