Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's almost a new year and I have no clue what's going on

After tonight it will be 2009, I will be preparing to start my 2nd semester of college. I have had a day. I stared writing this this morning it is now almost 7 and I just got back to it. I have gotten a new cell phone because mine died yesterday while I was at work. And then I have been to three different grocery stores and it is just been crazy.

I was going to go on about how this may be my last semester of college but since it is still up in the air not going to bother with really going into it.

So yeah busy day and only about 5 hours before it is 2009.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas!

Only one more week and a few days and Jon will be back.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Christmas Eve and I still have Christmas shopping to do, how bad am I.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Finally got the tree today. I wish it looked like that here but it's just cold.

Jon is in Dallas, goes to Oklahoma on Monday, still wont be back till the 4th of January.

I'm at my parents falling back into the horrible state of years past. I get little sleep and will be trying to for that with all the free time I have in the next two weeks. I plan on avoiding a lot of stuff by sleeping.

Work has started sucking and I really want to find out if I got a promotion or not. Holidays almost over so should be soon.

Still have to get my little brother and mother Christmas presents, will probably do tomorrow or Tuesday before I have to go to work.

And Life still just keeps on going...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was Right

Still no Christmas Tree in the house of my parents. It's really not a surprise they claim that they will be getting it this afternoon when my little brother is out of school, but we will just have to wait and see.

Jon is going out of town tomorrow, I get to see him tonight and then not till the first week of January.

I've moved back to my parents for the month, no one is at the dorm and the cafeteria is closed so I wouldn't be able to eat there.

And life goes on...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So every year my family usually does this hunt down the last tree we can find a week before Christmas, I think one year this magical drive all over Austin happened a fun two days before, we normally have the tree up till mid February. Well this year I think we are going to go get it tomorrow or sometime this week. It is a miracle, if there ever was one. I not to sure about Christmas this year, I use to love it; time off school, presents, good food, cold weather. Now I just don't know, I mean I still get time off school, classes ended last Friday and my two finals are next Monday and Tuesday, so I pretty much have this week off. But then again this year I am in a relationship, a steady one too, but it has only been two months and we have decided not to exchange gifts, which is probably the best I have no clue what I would get him, plus he is going out of town. He leaves the 19th and will not be back until January 4th that is more then two weeks, I won't get to see him for two weeks, and I will most likely only see once before he leaves, if that. He says he is positive that we will see each other before he leaves but I'm not to sure, I want to, I wish I could see him everyday or at least more then we have been able to recently, but we are both busy, he works and is putting up lights for people, I work every weekend and should be studying for finals, it's just a busy time of year. I guess I will just have to play it by ear, I mean he technically doesn't leave until for another week and a half so there is still time to try and find time for us to get together.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It got Cold

Wow it got cold, actually cold, not I'm going to be 40 in the morning and 75 by noon, I have been freezing all day walking to class. Okay so it's not that cold, but still cold. I think it's been about 45 all day but I don't own a outside temperature thing and haven't looked at the weather so I cannot know for sure. I like that it's cold I love cold weather, the idea of it at least, it is not a cold thing to be outside in very cold weather when you core temperature is already lower then normal it makes getting hypothermia an easy thing to do, never been it but was near it one day and I was inside and it was summer, tells you how cold my parents use to keep the house. I need a heavier coat but it's Texas once March rolls around said coat will no longer be useful. I think I am just going to go for a whole layers affect, it helped today.

I have very little clue where I will be living for the next month, not sure if I can stay at my dorm, really don't want to move back to my parents even if it is only for a month, and really need to talk to Jon before I make a decision on it. Plus I also have to see what plans are for the up coming holiday, I know my parents want me to be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas but I kinda want to know Jon's plans and if we are going to exchange gifts and all that fun stuff. I think I am start to not like Christmas, Jon is putting up lights for people which means extra money for him but less time with me, plus now I have all this what to get people and all that fun stuff. I'll figure it out though, always do.

Classes ended today and I only have two finals one the 15th and one the 16th, which gives me plenty of study time. I need to pass my pre-cal final, and with a B or A to get at least a C in the class, and it would be nice to get an A on my foreign affairs final so I can get and A in that class instead of a B, but I will probably end up with a B. All my other classes do not have a final.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Young Do Care

It is commonly known that the younger generation of voters, don't vote. This is true to a point. It was seen in this last US presidential election that young students do care and do vote. I asked and I myself have created a video of why I care and why the other person cares about politics. So here are two videos one of Brandon, a friend who agreed to help me show my point, and one of me. These are the opinions are just two young people, I know I can not speak for all but I hope that this shows to some that yea there are younger people who care about the political world. And it took me forever to get this video up, but I again thank all of you for taking the time to view the videos.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Its Turkey Day!!! Meaning food, food,family, food, and more food. I'm watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade it is something my family does every year. So I'm going to give my attention back to the food and family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cookies, Zombies, and a Screw Up

So I watched Jon and his friends play Left for Dead the other day for a good six hours, they played like three different campaigns, I was beginning to get bored when then finally stopped. But this meant I watched a lot of Zombies get killed, and for a while he was playing versus mode so he was the Zombie, but I saw a lot of Zombies. That night I stayed at Jon's, it was very late when he finally stopped playing and I was falling asleep, it would not have been safe for me to drive home. I woke up that night at about three in the morning after having a strange and creepy dream.

I was in the woods, I think Jon was there but it could have been some random guy, then these strange looking Zombies came. They had these weird white stretched out faces and for a while did nothing wrong. Then they gave us cookies, I was very confused on this part of the dream the cookies seemed so random I could not make any sense out of them. After the cookies there was a fire and the Zombies started to attack us, then I woke up.

I did not want to go back to sleep but I also did not want to wake on up. So I laid there for a while, fell back to sleep and the dream picked back up, I woke quickly this time and when I fell asleep for the third time if I dreamt I don't remember.

When I told Jon about the dream he connected the cookies, one of his friends pictures for there icon is a grumpy cookie, it all made sense.

And now I've screwed up. I got mad last night at Jon for a pointless stupid reason, and in my anger I guess I brought some memories Jon did not want to think about to his thought, and when I tried to fix it he wouldn't talk to me. He signed off yahoo and put his phone on silent. He leaves today and I really want to fix things before he leaves but I'm not sure if that will happen, with any luck it will, all I need to do is get him on the phone so it may happen as he is leaving, since he is driving it shouldn't be that hard, but we will just have to wait and see.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well I hate work, we are so busy with Thanksgiving coming up. I have to work the day before Thanksgiving for six hours and I am not looking forward to it. I want classes to be over, I'm done with school, I want it to be over, I need a break. My brother left sometime today for basic which means I don't get to talk or see him for eight and a half weeks. I really don't want to spend time with my family but with the holidays coming I kinda have to. Jon is going to Oklahoma to visit his family for Thanksgiving, he is leaving Wednesday, I will be trying to see him tomorrow and Tuesday. Then he doesn't come back till Saturday but the good thing is I have decently early shifts this weekend so I should be able to see him Saturday and Sunday, but will just have to play it by ear. I love my Birth Control, it rocks, nuf said. And that would be life for now.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


My brother leaves Sunday and today was the last day I will see him for two and a half months. We spent the day together and he meet Jon, but I can't believe that he will be gone for so long, and I wont be able to talk to him for so long. Today was a good day but a sad day. I'm going to miss him even if it is just for two months, it's just the start nest it will be off to tech school and then he will be stationed somewhere, never thought anyone in my family would join the military, it is a sad day.

I also happen to be getting sick, Jon gave it to me, it sucks, I have to make it through work this weekend and I work next Wednesday because it's the day before Thanksgiving and my store will be extremely busy, which sucks. Plus i am exhausted and have been for the past few days.

All in all today was a sad day.

Other then I saw Twilight, not as good as the book, but worth seeing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I wish I had more Time

I have been unable to work on my novel for over a month now, and when I tried to work on it today I was stuck. I had no clue what I had been planning; I had to sit and think, I'm actually still thinking of where I was going with it. I want to get back to writing but it is so hard to find the time, again I wish I could be a sleepless from my novel cause then I wouldn't need sleep, heck I wouldn't be able to sleep, but I am not and I require sleep and it seem that I am in need of more sleep lately, I am exhausted and really don't know why. Oh well I only have a few weeks of class left and then I get a two month break, a much needed two month break.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am no longer mad at Jon. Why you ask, well my older brother who is the person I am closest to in my actual family is being shipped off to basic as he enters the Air Force. When? The 25th of this month two days before Thanksgiving. I found out on my last break at work tonight, I couldn't believe it he wasn't suppose to go till February/March and now he leave in about a week. What's worse is that right now he is in Arkansas visiting his fiancee, which is good for him but it means he will be with my family for only four days before leaving again and because i no longer live with my family I will only get to see him one more time next Friday when we have a fake Thanksgiving with him before he leaves. All this really made me see the perspective of why I was mad at Jon, yes he was a jackass and said and did some jackass things on Saturday but he is 24 and can go out and drink, I mean he is six years older then me what did I really expect. But I was also mad at him for a pretty foolish and stupid reason so I had to just let it go. My friend/manager, when I told her this as I was leaving work, asked how I was so grown up, she said that was not a typical 18 year-old response, and she's probably right most other 18 year-olds would continue to be pissed and not forgive so quickly but I've never been a teenager I've always been mentally older then my actual age, why I'm dating someone that many years older then me. It made me feel good to hear my friend say that, she is 27 and hearing it from her meant a lot, I mean it is a more adult thing to do and I can see that, but again as I said I've never really been a teen so it's normal for me, I will get pissed at someone for a stupid reason and then just give me a day, or sometime to think, or shock me into reality and I will forgive, I won't forget, but I'll forgive.

My parents invited Jon to our fake Thanksgiving, not sure if he will go or not, I think he's scared to meet them, if I were him I would be. But I'm trying to get him to go not that I'm really ready to introduce him to my rents it has only been a month but I don't think I will be able to see him this week if he doesn't come to the fake Thanksgiving. I've left it up to him, it's his choice, I won't force him to go. That's what I'm saying and I'm sticking to it.

And this is my 12th post this month which means that I will definitely pass the 12 post mark set by myself in the first two months I had this blog. YAY!

**Update my bro actually leaves the 23rd, found that out yesterday. :(

Well I Tried

I really did try to keep this blog happy and way from the depressing part of my life that has claimed my life for the past two years, that's why I made it for my life in college and my novel, knowing the novel would just be a fun thing to blog about and hoping college life would be better. Well I haven't been able to work on my novel for about a month now and life in college wasn't what I was hoping for. It's new it's a change it all started good. I needed a change I needed new, I've had good experiences with the roommate for the first time, she is actually now never here, I am doing okay in my classes, I have made some friends, but not like my old I never hang out with these friends I am trying to become more social and it's just not happening. And then there's the love life, the guy. It was another thing I needed, I had been alone for so long it's good to have someone, but now some of the most retarded things are pissing me off. I mean it's been about a month, and I could really care less if he wants to go get drunk with his friends, or like last night complete and total strangers, but that's what made me mad at him last night. He went out to party and I was unable to see him. I spent my night pissed off trying to distract myself in my dorm until a reasonable time to go to bed, why he was out getting drunk, oh and I let him know how pissed I was, the thing he called today to try and work things out and it did nothing, I am still pissed at him and maybe even more then I was last night. The thing is I really do like him and don't want to stop seeing him, that's why I got so mad that's why I feel like I can express that anger to him, I feel safe with him and I care about him, and I want to see where things go, but he is making it hard, I don't think he understands some of the things I tell him, I don't think he gets what I tell him. I want this to work, I need this to work, but I don't know how much more I can take, I had such a crappy and depressing two years that I can't let it continue, I am working on making my life better and at least for now I believe Jon is part of that, but if I can't get him to understand what I am telling him, I can't see us together for much longer and that makes me sad, I feel that I am doing this to myself, that I am getting mad and upset over nothing, that I am unconsciously ruining this but then I also feel that I am the only one trying that I am the one planing and finding times for us to see each other and from when we first meet to now that is a big difference, he pestered me on IM for two or three days to meet him in person, and when it looked like we would only be able to see each other on weekends he asked me to let him know if I would be free during the week, and now it's me trying to find the time for us to get together. Right now he thinks I'm not mad at him anymore but he's wrong I'm still mad and will continue to be mad until I can really talk to him about what is going on in my head, which I refuse to do over IM or the phone, and with my busy week and weekend I have no clue when that will be, let's just hope for both Jon and my sakes the time away for me to think will let this whole mess in my head end happily because I won't be able to handle anything if I lose what I do have with him.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life is Confusing

So I had that talk with Jon tonight, and things are better, but I'm still confused. I think I'm going to let it go for now and see how things go. I've noticed Jon does not have the best memory especially when he is drunk. I don't work so much this weekend so I am hoping that we can spend a lot of time together this weekend. Though I realized this all started when the employees at my parents daycare center started talking to me about my relationship. I've stopped going to talk to them which sucks cause now I don't get to see Aidan. I'm going to have to plan another "kidnapping" day with him, but probably not till January or February. I am going to try and go down tomorrow cause my car needs gas and it is cheaper in Buda. But not sure cause if I can see Jon that is what I will be doing, I hate that we don't get to spend that much time together and I am hoping that this weekend we will get to spend much time together. I just realized I have come full circle and am repeating myself, wow I'm tired so this will be it for now.

I believe this is also my tenth post this month and with still a good part left I should definitely pass 12.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

It was so early when I posted the other post that I hadn't noticed it was Veteran's day.

May we never forget.

Am I Freaking Over Nothing

I have no clue. I guess it's weird and all new, Jon is my first real relationship and I have no clue how to handle it. I mean I keep having these freak out moments and I feel that they may be over nothing and I mean absolutely nothing at all. Like last weekend when Jon decided he needed two days to get drunk with his friends, was I wrong to be upset. I mean yeah he can have fun with his friends and if he wants a guys weekend, I don't really care he can have. This weekend even worked perfectly because of all the work for school I have, and am still trying to finish I might add, I'm such a good procrastinator. But still when I found out he was home and not in Dallas I got pissed. I mean he lied but only slightly, cause he only said he thought he was going to Dallas and I'm not with him all the time, cause that would be weird at this point so for all I know the plans changed on Saturday why I was at work, who know, who really cares. But I mean when I did find out he was home and not completely wasted I did end up going over to his place, but I had to ask he didn't invite. I am so confused on the details of this relationship. We are going to talk about it the next time we are together, I scared him at first, he thought it was the conversation that would end things but I reassured him it was not and that by having it would be helpful to the relationship. Then he jokingly asked if I was preggers which for now I can say no to. So with any hope I will see him sometime before Friday to talk so we can get back to the normal stuff very soon, I don't like the weird awkwardness we have right now.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got an Award and other crazy stuff that happened last night.

Dina gave me this Award,

The rules for this one are to give it to four people who follow my blog and then to one new person elsewhere in the world. My problem from my comments I got very little for readers, not really stressing I just started this blog in September, so I will have to give it to the three commenters.

Dina- has commented the most and therefor deserves to be first.

- cause she helped me come up with things to do when "kidnapping" Aidan

And finally LiteralDan- In the comment he left I think he asked me to "kidnap" his children, but it was still a comment so he gets the award to.

And that's all I got for now, thinking of adding a tracker to see my real reader base.
Wow I just realized all the people that follow my blog are parents, wow that's weird, again don't really care I mostly follow parent blogs so it make sense.

Okay so on to some more fun stuff. Jon got drunk again last night, but this time at his place. Well one of his friends, Tate, hijacked his computer and was IMing with me for a bit, which is how I found out he was home and not in Dallas like he said he was most likely doing last night, but anyways he got really messed up and for some reason I didn't want to be alone last night, so I got kinda pissed and left a not so nice IM message for him, I thought he wouldn't check until the morning but about five to ten minutes after sending it he decided to not be so drunk and come to his computer. Well he could tell I was not happy and for a while was trying to make me feel better over IM but it wasn't helping, I needed to get out of my dorm and do something and even though it was two in the morning I somehow ended up at his place for the rest of the night. I also ended up texting with the friend that hijacked his computer, last night was very strange.

More then half way to posting more then 12 times. YAY!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jon is...

An hilarious drunk. Yeah that's right we are not together tonight cause he is getting drunk with his friends, he's 24 by the way perfectly legal. It's cool though I got to spend time with one of my friends, we went and had dinner and saw Saw V it was pretty gruesome. I texted him at 7:30 before the movie to ask if he was drunk yet and when he replied "yar" i took it as yes and decided to call him after. Twas a good thing, he is extremely funny when drunk and on the phone, however it is beginning to get really cold here and i forgot my jacket, so i was freezing, and it doesn't help that my body temperature is naturally low about 96 even, nurses in hospital last year when I had my asthma attack almost thought I was hypothermic, so Jon made fun of me and called me names, but i'll have to forgive him, he was very drunk. I will have to see tomorrow how he is taking the after affects, however probably wont get to see him till some time next week he is planing on going to Dallas tomorrow, again good thing I have so much work to get done and he is such a distraction.

Well on my way to more then 12 post this month, with any luck I will surpass 12 and post much much more this month.

**Update** Jon called me at midnight, to tell me he made it home, sweet yes, but having to be at work at nine this morning having been asleep for an hour it was no longer sweet. Don't get me wrong I'm glad he made it home safely but we have only been together for two weeks so not completely necessary, the really sad part he does not even remember either phone call, he drank to much last night, but i still like him.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well I'm in Pain

My chest hurts, and I don't know why. It is very irritating especially since I have a PSY test in 30 minutes. My day so far has been spent studying for said PSY test, participating in an experiment for my PSY class, a shower, a drive from the boyfriends to the dorm in morning rush hour, breakfast, I am personally amazed that one happened, lunch, more studying, lots of studying, and to top it all off after said PSY test I will get to write two papers, do some pre-cal homework, and study some more. I guess it is a good thing that my boyfriend is a gamer and will be at a Gears of War 2 release party and then be spending the whole night playing said game, giving me little to be distracted by. Still can't explain the pain and wish it would go away, but oh well, I'll have to live with it for now, got to go take a PSY test.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Change Day

Last night was a great night for me. Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States by a landslide, as of this morning with three states still processing results Obama had 338 electoral votes to McCain's 163. Now the popular vote was not as big of a difference, 52% to 46% or something like that, but anyways with the vote that mattered Obama did great. This is a great day for the US, history was made and the world will never be the same. I am now happier to claim being an American and I am even proud of Texas cause even though the majority of the state voted McCain, the margin was not very big. Anyways it is a good day to be an American.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day

Today is the day when we get to find out who will replace the idiotic, stupid moron we call our president. I turned 18 this year so I got to vote. I voted early. It is not as exciting at it would seem to be. Stand in line for two and a half hours for five minutes of actual voting, but hey I can say I voted, I made a difference. I voted in October, there is no way I would be able to vote today, I would have to find time to drive home, yes only a 20 minute drive, but with class and other stuff it wasn't going to happen. So I voted October 25th during early voting.

This is also cool for me cause my novel starts with this election, now yes in my novel neither Obama or McCain win, but I just couldn't turn them into a dictator, well maybe Mc... no McCain is to old and Obama I just couldn't it would be to wrong, therefore I created Victor Banner. So today in the universe of the Sleepless Victor Banner is being elected the President of the United States, for the sake of humanity be glad that he is not real. I created Victor Banner to be a very evil man with a very evil plan. Now I would tell you his plan but that would spoil my novel. Just believe me and be happy that Victor Banner is a fictional character in my head and not a real person being given power over the US right now.

With that being said lets all hope who ever is the 44th President of the US is better then the moron we have now, so that means Obama for win.

(Yay! two post in two days, I will post more then 12 times this month)

Monday, November 3, 2008

And Life has become...

Amazing. I am now in a relationship, his name is Jon. He is sweet and amazing and I just love spending time with him. We have been together for a little over a week now and it has been the best week of my life. He is 6'5" to my 5'4" but it just makes fitting under his arm easier. It has taken me years to find a guy I can connect with and get along with and even though this is just starting we both already agree that we connect. We enjoy many of the same things, movies, music, and other stuff. I am still trying to let it click in my head that I have someone that cares about me and that I care about, it is such a weird thing for.

Plus my early class tomorrow got canceled so I don't have to get up early, no class till 12:30pm it rocks.

I also noticed that I have exactly 12 post in September and October which is weird, I'm going to try and fix that this month.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well I had an amazing Halloween. Spent it with my boyfriend and we watched Jeepers Creepers I and II. I enjoy spending time with him even if it is to watch a scary movie. I actually love to scare myself with horror movies so it all worked out. He is so sweet but can be such a dork, we have only been together for a week but hey it has been one of the best weeks if my life. This is also the first Halloween I did not dress up, I wore a Halloweenish shirt but that's about it. It worked though I was with Jon, my boyfriend, all night so it didn't matter. Hope everyone else had a good Halloween.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Life again

So I am seeing this guy and I really really like him. Things are going good, and i feel safe with him. We have been together for about a week and I feel safe telling him things I never told others or that I have a hard time telling others. He is so sweet, and kind, I enjoy spending time with him and can't stop thinking about him. I got it bad, I can't wait to see him again tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I haven't had as much time to work on it as I would like but I am almost done with chapter 3 and will be on to chapter 4 soon.

On a not so fun note, I am ready to rip my stomach out of my body. I have felt like I was going to puke since Sunday and I have been pushing myself to go to class so I have not been getting better. But tomorrow I will not be going to my first class so I can rest and get better, hopefully this will help. Cause if it doesn't I am going to seriously consider removing my stomach, can a person live without their stomach? I don't think so. I guess I will just have to live with it till it decides to go away on its own. oh well hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kidnapping was a Success

Yeah I know two post back to back but I just took the pics of my car yesterday while out with Aidan cause I had my camera. But anyways yesterday was much fun and very entertaining. I first took him to a Playnasium and he had so much fun jumping and playing with the toys.
Playing with a truck.


Then we ate lunch and went to the park not far from there. His mom said he loves that park and he does we were there for a good hour.

He was so happy. On the way back to the car he said he was a 'Happy Boy'

Then it was off to another park, but on the way he fell asleep it was so cute.

Then we went to another park near my parents house and a pumpkin patch.

On the swing.

YAY! Pumpkins!

Then I took him back to his house to just chill. I was hoping he would fall asleep again but he did not. We were watching My Friends Tigger and Pooh but when I went to change to another DVD he went from about to fall asleep into a ball of hyperness. He was all over the place, when his parents got home it just continued. He was non stop energy. Then his parents kidnapped me for dinner, I think they wanted to pay me in some way for taking him for the day and giving them a day to themselves, it was really nice of them. I mean I am friends with his mom but until last night I never knew if she listen to me about non work related stuff because she was being nice to the babysitter or if she actually thought of me as a friend, last night after dinner and another hour of talking after I can pretty much positively say she is my friend. It was nice to have the adult conversation after being with a two-year old all day. I'm hoping to be able to do this again in the future, it was good fun for all.

Car meet Poll, Poll meet Car

And they didn't get along. Last Sunday while on my way to work driving out of my parking garage of doom I was off by and inch on my turn and the side of my 96 Volvo meet with a poll in said garage of doom. Causing this...

It's not really as bad as It looks but yeah I actually need to get this fixed.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Do you Do when "Kidnapping" a 2 year Old?

I'm stuck I don't really know what to do with him other then the park and Ice cream and his mother will be giving him to me for the day, I get him as long as I want, I get to spoil him as much as I want, but I don't know what to do with him. He is a Fully Potty trained two and a half year old that like rainbows and bouncing, he calls moonwalks rainbows because of all the colors, I know he like to run and play and release energy he's two and a boy that's a given, but I am a poor college student and need idea's of what to do with a two year-old I get to "kidnap" for a day. I want it to be fun for both and I know he wont remember it when he's older, but if I'm still in his life it would be a fun story to tell. So any idea's at all are welcome, please give ideas, please.

For this sweet yet filthy face.

I also got a haircut and colored me hair it is quite a change for me.

Also my schools football team Kicks Ass my shirt says it all.

I know it's backwards, I took the picture into a mirror.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I went out today with a guy I meet. We had been texting for over a week and he is really sweet and nice, I can't wait to meet with him again and I hope we continue to text.

I Checked my schedule today and I get to kidnap Aidan, I'm so happy and excited. I have to start planing a day of fun, not hard when he's two but still I want to spoil him. Any ideas?

Still working in nivel will post more up soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Novel working

So I have been working on my novel lately, I am now writing Chapter 3 and since I haven't posted anything from it since the intro which has changed I will give you a bit of it now. So here it is some of Sleepless a novel by me, this is the end of chapter 1.

I keep running, I can feel my body giving up. I have not eaten in forty-eight hours and my water ran out three hours before even seeing the lights of Tuscon. I can't see the top of the mountain anymore I must be close. My legs begin to slow, I no longer feel in control of my body. My legs give out and I collapse on the ground. I must be dieing, my body couldn't take the strain without water and food it could not hold up to what I pushed it to do. I'm dieing; this is good, no going back there is no going back.
I see a bright light maybe sun, no a flashlight; then everything goes black.

It's not much just the last part where most of the action happens, but it is how the chapter ends, I like it, what do y'all think?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Kidnapping is Back on

So I went home today to see Aidan and show my mother financial aid stuff, when I was almost there I get a call from my mother telling me that Aidan's mom just picked him up, my words to this was "crap" I had just driven thirty minutes in traffic and would have an hour trip back and would not get to see Aidan, but that was not all her news she told me that she told Jen(Aidan's mom) that I had not been given the 18th off, Jen's words to that were "WHAT! I will fix it tomorrow" and with that the kidnapping is back on. YAY! to being good friends with your boss, especially the one who controls scheduling. I am Happy again, so next Saturday a kidnapping we will go.
He not really in any danger. I got him.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Background

Okay so that I don't scare anyone I will give you the background of "Kidnapping Aidan".

I have known Aidan and his parents since he was three-months old. He attends my parents daycare center and I have been babysitting him since he was six-month old. He is very attached to me and since starting college I have not been able to see him as much, once a week virus everyday Monday-Friday, so when I do get to go visit he only wants me to hold him, which we had gotten over when he was one and a half and we don't want to go back to that. It is always nice to see how excited he is to see me, so when he does something cute or too clingy I tells his mother, who by now is a good friend of mine and has helped me through a lot, but she also happens to be one of my managers at HEB, so the other day when I went in to get something I was telling how clingy Aidan was being so she suggest that I take a Saturday off and spend it with him. I thought this was a good idea and now I am trying to get a Saturday off for me to "Kidnap" Aidan. She even joked that I give her my bonus check for her letting me take him. So in truth I am not stealing someones child I am just taking him for a day of fun with his Mae Mae, what he calls me sometimes and what he called me when he couldn't say my name. I get to see him tomorrow and I will be asking November 8th off for this "kidnapping" day, which really all I will be doing is picking him up from his house taking him to the park and getting Ice Cream at Amy's Ice Cream. Then it will be back home for Aidan and back to work/school for me.

See His Beautiful Filthy Face

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Sad

I was going to kidnap Aidan on the 18th but I did not get the day off so I have to find another day to kidnap him. I was so looking forward to it and now I have to wait longer. I think I am going to try for the 8th of November, it's far enough away that people probably haven't started to ask it off yet, so I will have to try, wish me luck.

Aidan and Me

Friday, October 3, 2008


Just got new jewelry and thought I should show it off.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sunburn and Blisters

So I went to ACL and got this not so bad sunburn, but then on Tuesday a random blister appeared and it began to hurt and look just plan gross, so i went to the doctor today and they popped it. so now it is no longer a blister but is oozy and still gross.

I will be in a few weeks getting to kidnap Aidan for a day, he needs it and so do I so I can't wait.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Foo Fighters

ACL is awsome

I went all three days and saw many awesome bands. Got sunburnt, not badly but it still hurts.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun things I never want to do again

But have to every year. Being a girl sucks, it sucks very much. I never want to have to go back to the ob again yet I know I must, it is definitely not a pleasant experience and I wish I did not have to go through it ever again. Being a girl sucks.

On a better note I skipped my one class today to hang with this two-year-old that loves me to death. It makes me sad to go see him now because he never wants me to leave and I always have to. He says "Mea Mea, no leave. Aidan go bye bye with Mea Mea?" and I always have to say "No Aidan can't go bye bye with Mea Mea, Mea Mea has to go to school/work. Aidan has to wait for mommy to come." Then he will continue to cry as I have to walk out the door. He is so attached to me. Now I have known him and his parents since he was three months old and I have been babysitting him since he was six month. I am good friends with his mom and she also happens to be one of my bosses at work, but was my friend first. I have taken him from daycare and I have permission to when his parents can't pick him up in time, I have done it recently, takeing him to his mom at work, where I had to be anyways. So I can see how he got so attached it just makes me sad that I make him cry, it didn't use to be like that he use to be fine with me leaving but when I moved to Austin and stopped going to see him everyday, now I only make it there once a week if I'm lucky, he reverted back to what he did when he was one. He is the sweetest kid ever and I hate to see/hear him cry, it makes me sad too. :(

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So I have been working on my novel but I have been handwriting it so it will be a while before I post anymore up.

There are things you do in life that you eventually regret, or in my case regret very quickly. Things happen certain ways for a reason, or at least that's what many people think, but I can't see the reason for this other then my stupidity, and I don't know what to do. It's weird because even though I regret this one event I'm kinda glad it happened the way it did. This thing changed my life and there is no going back so I have to live with my choices.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I has a psy test today it wasn't that bad so with luck i did well. I have a pre-cal test tomorrow so hopefully I will do well on that. Went to the doctor got for shots and blood drawn, they had to stab me with the needle twice and still only got half a cc of blood. I guess my body doesn't want to give up blood.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So much to do, and not enough time

I'm babysitting tonight and I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. It works because I will be a my parents house and don't have to wake up at 6 to get to my appointment, but I have to bring all my crap from my dorm with me to study and on the only day I don't have an early class I have to wake up early :(.

I have been working on my novel so I will post some of that soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I should be, but I'm not

I should be studying but I'm not. I think I am going to try really hard to work on my novel and study, so I think I'm ready to give up sleep, it gets in the way and is a waste of time, thus why I'm writing my novel in the first place. Just putting it out there that sleep should be unnecessary, at least in my opinion.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I woke up today and did not want to move. I felt gross and still do. I skipped my last class so I could eat in hopes that I would feel better, and I do I guess feel a little better, now I have just that much more time to study and relax to feel better. I am so glad I am going to the doctor on Thursday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Was really slow, which is weird for a Saturday. I mean all we got from Ike was wind and I guess people don't like wind so they don't go to the grocery store. It was cool for me, with my tongue it is easier to not talk to people and since I check I kinda have to talk to people. But Ike is gone for the most part and even though it will take weeks to get the Houston area back to normalcy I sure work tomorrow will be like every other Sunday. Just had a thought we were probably so slow because th UT game got canceled, it makes since.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I can Eat Again

So I can eat now, it's still painful but at least I'm getting nutrition. I think yesterday I ate like once and for awhile today all I had eaten was a smoothie. Tongue piercings hurt, and make your tongue swell, but are so worth it in the end. at least in my opinion.

My older brother is visiting his fiancee lets all hope he doesn't get her pregnant. I should have given him that condom I won in call the other day, oh well I guess we have to just wait and see what happens.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eating is bad for you right?

So with my new piercing has come a price, my tongue is now twice its normal size making it very hard and painful to eat. But who needs to eat right? I mean the body can survive on water alone right? There is nothing unhealthy about not eating right? I can't really complain can I, I did it to myself. But hey that's life right.

Anyways I thought I would post part of my book today so here it is...


In November of the year 2008 a man name Victor Banner was elected President of the United States. He promised change and an end to all the fighting in the world. He was seen as a hero he said all the right things for both parties, he promised compromise. He took office right away not letting the former president finish his term, and began putting thing in action to change the world. In December of that year the wealthiest man in the world, a US citizen, and the two most promising scientist, also US citizens, disappeared along with all their money. It was said their plane crashed over the Arizona desert but the bodies were never found and the searchers gave up. In January of 2009 many Key members of both the Senate and the House were impeached and replaced with men hand pick by President Banner, no one thought anything about it; then weeks later many supreme court justices retired and were replaced by men nominated by President Banner. In February of that year President Banner made a strong alliance with Canada, Mexico, All Countries in South America, and All Countries in Europe, No Countries in Asia, Africa, or Australia would agree with Banner's terms, and then in May of 2013 Banner claimed to be the dictator of not only The United Stated of America but all the countries in his alliance and any county that tried to strike a rebellion would be destroyed, so no one fought, because he had come through on his promise, he had changed the world. In July of that same year the countries who had not joined Banner's dictatorship were destroyed leaving no one to fight, there would never be fighting in the world again. Throughout the month of August in the year 2009 reports of people disappearing were the headlines everyday, by the 9th of September more then a hundred people disappeared of varying ages all said to be dead. On September 10th of 2009 a meteor collided with the moon and the duct that came down to earth changes the genetic code of humans making them no longer need or have the ability to sleep. On that same day in sunny Los Angles California my mother got pregnant with me. Nine months later on June 14th 2010 I was born, Emmalyn Carleigh Stone. I was the first baby to be tested for how many chromosomes I had, some new law form Load Banner, so I was the first to be found with 24 chromosomes, with me the new race of humans was born and we were called the 24's. Nothing was different other then the extra chromosome, for the others at least, I can see things and the doctors call them dreams, just a name of what they all missed. A year later Load Banner banded chromosome testing. I grew up with my family never sleeping but keeping to the old societal norm of being home at night, and so I read a lot. By eighteen I have already finished college and am working on my masters in English. All people know my name and face, I am just as well known as Load Banner and that makes me special.

If you want to read more of my writing go here... ... its only one story but still it's writing right?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cookie and a Condom

So I had my FIG (First-Year Interest Group) seminar today and we played a game about plagiarism. Not very hard and everyone got a prize, which went from first-aid kits, and calendars, to condoms and condom key chains. I was a lucky one and got a condom. What am I going to with it, at this moment of my life, I do not have a boyfriend, and I don't just go around and have one nighters. But I guess this is college and it's time to get over the shock of the difference between it and high school. Well anyway there was a good ending to this seminar we all got cookies as well, it worked out in the end, I left class with a condom in my backpack and a cookie in my mouth.

Though that cookie is the lest solid food I get to eat because I also pierced my tongue, did not hurt when getting pierced but hurt now. :(

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a Day

Yesterday I had three classes and an experiment. Then I decided to babysit till 12:30 in the morning, went home and did not go to bed till 2am. I had class at 8 this morning, and got up at 7 to get ready, but am I complaining no not really, the class I went to is one of my favorites and the professor is amazing, he always wakes me up no matter the amount of sleep I got the night before. So why this for my first blog, well he was telling us today to pursue our passions and mine is writing. i am in the process of writing a novel, right now titled Sleepless and will most likely be blogging some of the chapters, or at least portions of them anyways. So that would be the point of this blog, to get me writing and when I have no new novel, share the details of my life in college, out of my parents house for the first time. Hope everyone enjoys.