Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got an Award and other crazy stuff that happened last night.

Dina gave me this Award,

The rules for this one are to give it to four people who follow my blog and then to one new person elsewhere in the world. My problem from my comments I got very little for readers, not really stressing I just started this blog in September, so I will have to give it to the three commenters.

Dina- has commented the most and therefor deserves to be first.

- cause she helped me come up with things to do when "kidnapping" Aidan

And finally LiteralDan- In the comment he left I think he asked me to "kidnap" his children, but it was still a comment so he gets the award to.

And that's all I got for now, thinking of adding a tracker to see my real reader base.
Wow I just realized all the people that follow my blog are parents, wow that's weird, again don't really care I mostly follow parent blogs so it make sense.

Okay so on to some more fun stuff. Jon got drunk again last night, but this time at his place. Well one of his friends, Tate, hijacked his computer and was IMing with me for a bit, which is how I found out he was home and not in Dallas like he said he was most likely doing last night, but anyways he got really messed up and for some reason I didn't want to be alone last night, so I got kinda pissed and left a not so nice IM message for him, I thought he wouldn't check until the morning but about five to ten minutes after sending it he decided to not be so drunk and come to his computer. Well he could tell I was not happy and for a while was trying to make me feel better over IM but it wasn't helping, I needed to get out of my dorm and do something and even though it was two in the morning I somehow ended up at his place for the rest of the night. I also ended up texting with the friend that hijacked his computer, last night was very strange.

More then half way to posting more then 12 times. YAY!!!


Dina said...

I like having a tracker. It's fun to see where all the readers come from.

Okay and it also kind of makes me feel like I'm a spy. That's always fun ; )