Monday, October 27, 2008

Life again

So I am seeing this guy and I really really like him. Things are going good, and i feel safe with him. We have been together for about a week and I feel safe telling him things I never told others or that I have a hard time telling others. He is so sweet, and kind, I enjoy spending time with him and can't stop thinking about him. I got it bad, I can't wait to see him again tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I haven't had as much time to work on it as I would like but I am almost done with chapter 3 and will be on to chapter 4 soon.

On a not so fun note, I am ready to rip my stomach out of my body. I have felt like I was going to puke since Sunday and I have been pushing myself to go to class so I have not been getting better. But tomorrow I will not be going to my first class so I can rest and get better, hopefully this will help. Cause if it doesn't I am going to seriously consider removing my stomach, can a person live without their stomach? I don't think so. I guess I will just have to live with it till it decides to go away on its own. oh well hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kidnapping was a Success

Yeah I know two post back to back but I just took the pics of my car yesterday while out with Aidan cause I had my camera. But anyways yesterday was much fun and very entertaining. I first took him to a Playnasium and he had so much fun jumping and playing with the toys.
Playing with a truck.


Then we ate lunch and went to the park not far from there. His mom said he loves that park and he does we were there for a good hour.

He was so happy. On the way back to the car he said he was a 'Happy Boy'

Then it was off to another park, but on the way he fell asleep it was so cute.

Then we went to another park near my parents house and a pumpkin patch.

On the swing.

YAY! Pumpkins!

Then I took him back to his house to just chill. I was hoping he would fall asleep again but he did not. We were watching My Friends Tigger and Pooh but when I went to change to another DVD he went from about to fall asleep into a ball of hyperness. He was all over the place, when his parents got home it just continued. He was non stop energy. Then his parents kidnapped me for dinner, I think they wanted to pay me in some way for taking him for the day and giving them a day to themselves, it was really nice of them. I mean I am friends with his mom but until last night I never knew if she listen to me about non work related stuff because she was being nice to the babysitter or if she actually thought of me as a friend, last night after dinner and another hour of talking after I can pretty much positively say she is my friend. It was nice to have the adult conversation after being with a two-year old all day. I'm hoping to be able to do this again in the future, it was good fun for all.

Car meet Poll, Poll meet Car

And they didn't get along. Last Sunday while on my way to work driving out of my parking garage of doom I was off by and inch on my turn and the side of my 96 Volvo meet with a poll in said garage of doom. Causing this...

It's not really as bad as It looks but yeah I actually need to get this fixed.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Do you Do when "Kidnapping" a 2 year Old?

I'm stuck I don't really know what to do with him other then the park and Ice cream and his mother will be giving him to me for the day, I get him as long as I want, I get to spoil him as much as I want, but I don't know what to do with him. He is a Fully Potty trained two and a half year old that like rainbows and bouncing, he calls moonwalks rainbows because of all the colors, I know he like to run and play and release energy he's two and a boy that's a given, but I am a poor college student and need idea's of what to do with a two year-old I get to "kidnap" for a day. I want it to be fun for both and I know he wont remember it when he's older, but if I'm still in his life it would be a fun story to tell. So any idea's at all are welcome, please give ideas, please.

For this sweet yet filthy face.

I also got a haircut and colored me hair it is quite a change for me.

Also my schools football team Kicks Ass my shirt says it all.

I know it's backwards, I took the picture into a mirror.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I went out today with a guy I meet. We had been texting for over a week and he is really sweet and nice, I can't wait to meet with him again and I hope we continue to text.

I Checked my schedule today and I get to kidnap Aidan, I'm so happy and excited. I have to start planing a day of fun, not hard when he's two but still I want to spoil him. Any ideas?

Still working in nivel will post more up soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Novel working

So I have been working on my novel lately, I am now writing Chapter 3 and since I haven't posted anything from it since the intro which has changed I will give you a bit of it now. So here it is some of Sleepless a novel by me, this is the end of chapter 1.

I keep running, I can feel my body giving up. I have not eaten in forty-eight hours and my water ran out three hours before even seeing the lights of Tuscon. I can't see the top of the mountain anymore I must be close. My legs begin to slow, I no longer feel in control of my body. My legs give out and I collapse on the ground. I must be dieing, my body couldn't take the strain without water and food it could not hold up to what I pushed it to do. I'm dieing; this is good, no going back there is no going back.
I see a bright light maybe sun, no a flashlight; then everything goes black.

It's not much just the last part where most of the action happens, but it is how the chapter ends, I like it, what do y'all think?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Kidnapping is Back on

So I went home today to see Aidan and show my mother financial aid stuff, when I was almost there I get a call from my mother telling me that Aidan's mom just picked him up, my words to this was "crap" I had just driven thirty minutes in traffic and would have an hour trip back and would not get to see Aidan, but that was not all her news she told me that she told Jen(Aidan's mom) that I had not been given the 18th off, Jen's words to that were "WHAT! I will fix it tomorrow" and with that the kidnapping is back on. YAY! to being good friends with your boss, especially the one who controls scheduling. I am Happy again, so next Saturday a kidnapping we will go.
He not really in any danger. I got him.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Background

Okay so that I don't scare anyone I will give you the background of "Kidnapping Aidan".

I have known Aidan and his parents since he was three-months old. He attends my parents daycare center and I have been babysitting him since he was six-month old. He is very attached to me and since starting college I have not been able to see him as much, once a week virus everyday Monday-Friday, so when I do get to go visit he only wants me to hold him, which we had gotten over when he was one and a half and we don't want to go back to that. It is always nice to see how excited he is to see me, so when he does something cute or too clingy I tells his mother, who by now is a good friend of mine and has helped me through a lot, but she also happens to be one of my managers at HEB, so the other day when I went in to get something I was telling how clingy Aidan was being so she suggest that I take a Saturday off and spend it with him. I thought this was a good idea and now I am trying to get a Saturday off for me to "Kidnap" Aidan. She even joked that I give her my bonus check for her letting me take him. So in truth I am not stealing someones child I am just taking him for a day of fun with his Mae Mae, what he calls me sometimes and what he called me when he couldn't say my name. I get to see him tomorrow and I will be asking November 8th off for this "kidnapping" day, which really all I will be doing is picking him up from his house taking him to the park and getting Ice Cream at Amy's Ice Cream. Then it will be back home for Aidan and back to work/school for me.

See His Beautiful Filthy Face

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Sad

I was going to kidnap Aidan on the 18th but I did not get the day off so I have to find another day to kidnap him. I was so looking forward to it and now I have to wait longer. I think I am going to try for the 8th of November, it's far enough away that people probably haven't started to ask it off yet, so I will have to try, wish me luck.

Aidan and Me

Friday, October 3, 2008


Just got new jewelry and thought I should show it off.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sunburn and Blisters

So I went to ACL and got this not so bad sunburn, but then on Tuesday a random blister appeared and it began to hurt and look just plan gross, so i went to the doctor today and they popped it. so now it is no longer a blister but is oozy and still gross.

I will be in a few weeks getting to kidnap Aidan for a day, he needs it and so do I so I can't wait.