Thursday, October 9, 2008

Novel working

So I have been working on my novel lately, I am now writing Chapter 3 and since I haven't posted anything from it since the intro which has changed I will give you a bit of it now. So here it is some of Sleepless a novel by me, this is the end of chapter 1.

I keep running, I can feel my body giving up. I have not eaten in forty-eight hours and my water ran out three hours before even seeing the lights of Tuscon. I can't see the top of the mountain anymore I must be close. My legs begin to slow, I no longer feel in control of my body. My legs give out and I collapse on the ground. I must be dieing, my body couldn't take the strain without water and food it could not hold up to what I pushed it to do. I'm dieing; this is good, no going back there is no going back.
I see a bright light maybe sun, no a flashlight; then everything goes black.

It's not much just the last part where most of the action happens, but it is how the chapter ends, I like it, what do y'all think?