Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Do you Do when "Kidnapping" a 2 year Old?

I'm stuck I don't really know what to do with him other then the park and Ice cream and his mother will be giving him to me for the day, I get him as long as I want, I get to spoil him as much as I want, but I don't know what to do with him. He is a Fully Potty trained two and a half year old that like rainbows and bouncing, he calls moonwalks rainbows because of all the colors, I know he like to run and play and release energy he's two and a boy that's a given, but I am a poor college student and need idea's of what to do with a two year-old I get to "kidnap" for a day. I want it to be fun for both and I know he wont remember it when he's older, but if I'm still in his life it would be a fun story to tell. So any idea's at all are welcome, please give ideas, please.

For this sweet yet filthy face.

I also got a haircut and colored me hair it is quite a change for me.

Also my schools football team Kicks Ass my shirt says it all.

I know it's backwards, I took the picture into a mirror.


Trish said...

hmm from the experience of my twin two years -
*water play with bottles/cups and anything that floats - in the sink if you don't have buckets

* push on the swings or play at the park is a great idea

* cheap painting with water and food colouring and eye droppers onto paper towels

* balloons - kick or throw

* make bubbles

* let him take photos ...carefully

* stick stickers on paper (buy them cheaply)

*buy plain cookies oe make cookies and decorate with lollies/icing

* icecream cones and decorate with

* sand or dirt play with cars or truck( a little dirt nevers hurts (ask his mum to toss in a set of old clothes)

* go to library and read books of his choice

you will have a lot of fun just hanging out with him anyway.