Saturday, April 25, 2009


So I had to break things off with Jon temporally because he still has not contacted me, it was hard for me to do, and when he does reappear i will think of weather or not to let him back in, right now he does not exist to me, he is not part of my life.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Kidnapping

I am taking my friends son again next Saturday, it should be really fun, he is three now so there is a little more we can do. It is kinda funny though because when she texted me to confirm the date I had been texting someone else and did not realize who sent the text and confused her and then also myself for a minute, but I explained what had happened and we worked it out. I actually haven't see her son since the last week in March, they moved and left my parents daycare because it is now way out of their way to take him there, and since I quit my job I don't see his mom as much but I was able to get this together and I am sure that if he knows what is going on that he is really excited it has been so long I am sure he will be so happy to see me next Saturday. I'm thinking of taking him to similar place but different cause of where he lives it is a lot farther from where we were last time, not end of the world to far but just far enough that I will be staying in his new city and not coming back to South Austin I mean Roundrocks not that far but it is also big enough to be able to find plenty of things to do.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Midnight Waking

Okay so I usually wake up at some random horrible time in the morning on my own accord but all I do is roll over look at the time and go back to sleep, no big deal no time wasted and yes this happens almost every night. Well last at 2am the fire alarm went off in my dorm waking the entire building, at least those sleeping probably just shocking the people who were still awake. This does not necessarily mean that there is a fire or a problem at all, they like to work on our building and the alarm will go off but usually at like 2pm we all go to the hall if we are even in the building and figure that no we don't have to leave nothing is wrong they are just messing with the alarm as they fix things. One this had not happened in awhile and two it was the middle of the night so we all let the building having no clue what was going on. I myself climbed down 12 stories worth of stairs. Then we all sat outside for a good twenty minutes until they told us that someone had just pulled the fire alarm and nothing was wrong we could all go back to bed. But you see our elevators don't go to the first floor after midnight for safety reasons so we all had to walk up at least 11 stories of stairs and those on the 12th, 13th, and probably so on the 14th floor just walked the rest of the way thinking no point in using the elevator after what they just walked it was not that much farther. So once back in my room thing are quite again and starting to settle back down when the alarm tells us it is now safe to return to our normal activities very loudly and twice. Of course I was thinking I can't till you shut up. It was an interesting night that I hope never happens again.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny is not Safe at my House

Why you may ask. Well my cat has killed three rabbits int the last five days. She ate one and we can't find any bits let. Decapitated all three eating very little of the first she killed, and left only the spinal cord and collar bone, we think of the third. So no the Eater Bunny is in grave danger if he comes here tonight. Though she will be locked in a room upstairs, the Easter Bunny better not go exploring the House, cause he is not safe. There is a killer on the hunt and her name is Callie.

On a side note tonight was my last night to work at HEB.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lets try this again

Okay So I left Friday afternoon with my family for Maryland to go see my brothers wedding. We had to changes planes in Nashville and we ended up two gates away from our next plane. We got to Maryland at about midnight and got to the hotel and pretty much went right to sleep.

Day 2 was the day of the wedding. We just relaxed and laid around waiting for the wedding to begin. At 2:00 the JP arrived my brother and his soon to be wife finished the paper work and then we had the wedding. It was short and simple but very nice. We then went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and went back to the hotel before going to a really good ice cream place. Then it was back to the hotel and in to bed.

Day 3 we hung out at the hotel until some friends of my parents showed up and then we visited with them went out to dinner and then got back and talked some more and my mother myself my new sister in law and her mother then stayed up talking until 2am. Then it was off to bed.

Day 4 we relaxed at the hotel until we went to eat lunch and then it was back to the airport to head back to Texas. Many hours later we arrived back it Texas at 10:30pm and then it took a good couple hours to finally get home and into bed.

I think this was better then the last but I still feel that it was short.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So my brother is officially married. Saturday was the day. April 4th is his and his new wife's anniversary. However they will be having several other ceremonies for the family and friends that were not allowed at this one. At least three. I will have to go to all three and any others they decide to have.

This one was nice very simple and quick. I got to spend a lot of time with my new sister-in-law, we get along very well.

i had more to say about this weekend but I am way too tired to think so when I get more sleep I will try again.