Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunday Selections hopefully

Not a lot today as my motherboard died and I am using my mothers computer until I can get a new one and transfer my stuff from the hard-drive to the new computer which will hopefully be soon. Anyways this meme is brought to you by KIM!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Posting some of my old writing

So this is a piece I wrote in high school. I goes with a piece I wrote years ago on here, though it came first and I would have posted it then but could find it. Anyways it is a sad piece as it was written when I was in a fairly dark place though as I've said before I am also just good at writing dark as I been perfectly happy while writing dark before, not the case for these two pieces but yeah. Anyways you can find the second piece here. This is just a warning that it is not the happiest thing to read as the piece is tittled Suicide. But anyways here it is hope it gives you the chills.

I walked; just kept walking. Only I could hear the music, the world around me was oblivious to what was happening. Everything I saw was a sign and I knew what I had to do. The music got louder and I began to run. I ran through the streets filled with the ignorant people, filled with the smell of rotting skin; I could taste the vile fragrance in the air. I felt the moisture in the sky and knew it would be raining soon. It went straight to pouring and I stopped my run and returned to a walk. I knew it would be over soon.

I was there, I could see it in the distance; the tall sturdy shape I began to climb. Up I went past the windows and doors, the music still growing louder and still only I hearing it. I past the stars and the moon and the people around me still did not see what was happening. I reached the top, I shout “Stupid people” no one can hear me. I was above the moon and the stars; I was above all of them, above all the pain.

I jumped back into reality. The people below were all looking up and the music was gone. I could feel, smell, and taste the rain as it poured down. I was on the roof of a tall building and did not know how I got there. All the people were staring at me; “stop” I shouted and someone shouted something back, they could hear me not too. I couldn’t take reality; I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes reality was gone and the people again paid no attention to me as the music returned louder than before. The rain felt so cold on my skin and as the music got louder I looked up to the universe and wished something would come take me.

Reality again, people below now shouting “Don’t Jump! Stay where you are someone is coming to talk to you.” I don’t want this reality, the music is gone and people can see and hear me. I close my eyes and fell the tears mix with the rain.

The music is back and the people disappear. I begin to dance, the rain is still pouring and I am standing on grass now, it is wet and slippery. I start to spin round and round returning to childish games singing, “Ring around the rosy, Pocket full of poises, Ashes ashes we all fall down!”

And now I am falling, reality and fantasy mix. I hear someone yell “NO!” but only see the moon and the stars; there is music and a rainbow of colors swirling around me, but I hear people gasp and shout “no.” Then reality takes over completely and all I hear is a thump as my body hits the pavement and my soul floats above it.

The music is back and there is color everywhere. No more reality only fantasy. I see a light and follow it to a field where it always rains, where I can always hear the music, where I can always spin, and where I will never fall.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday selections 15

It is that time again, Sunday Selections brought to you by KIM.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday Selections 14

Okay Sunday Selection time. This meme is brought to you by Kim at Frogpondsrock. This week is catch for me these are from when I went to see my nephew when he was in Arkansas Easter Weekend. SO enjoy the cuteness.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Addictions part 7

Yes I went back through to find out what number I was on.

Anyways my new addiction has to do with what unblocked my writers block. It is the music to Spring Awakening. And I know what you are all thinking I have no speakers on my computer that is true I have a CD of the music and listen to it in my car and to make that CD I had to file share with my mom's laptop and will steal hers to listen to the music when I can. However because I have no speakers it has stalled my writing as I don't generally write with other people around so I don't have access to music when I write and I really need it to write. But I have some money in savings and I think my school payment for this set of terms is fairly low and my parents are going to chip in as a Christmas/Birthday present, no I did not get a Christmas present yet and yes my Birthday is in a month from today. So I should hopefully have a new laptop in the next month or so and will be able to get back to writing and all that fun stuff.

So yes all I really listen to right now is the Spring Awakening music and it is wonderful. Now since I wrote all about Spring Awakening in my Writer's block unblocked post I am going to be done for now so...