Saturday, April 30, 2011


That series I want to do well it is going to have to wait. It would seem that my computer is slowly dieing. I do not have a bad driver or anything like that the motherboard is just slowing giving out or something like that, I have speakers intermittently and recently not at all no matter how many times I restart or shut down my computer. So until I get a new computer there will be no series that requires a mic and speakers.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I had a great Easter and hope everyone did. So Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Writer's Block Unblocked.

So I have had very bad writer's block for a while now, and I mean like a good year a while now. It has affected/not really affected my blog as things would happen and the addictions post and what not would help me to keep writing on here but other than that I have not been able to work on either of my novels. Sleepless was beginning to bug me, I really wanted to be writing it but I was stuck and very much so stuck. And Confessions was becoming the same way actually I'm still not sure when I am going to pick that one back up to finish it, it is a sad and depressing subject matter and well although I am unblocked on Sleepless I am not sure where I want to go with Confessions right now.

Anyways I am very much so picking back up with Sleepless. I have to go back and tweak some things as I have slightly changed the subplot that is Emma and Leo's relationship but I am much happier with where this will take them in the long run so I don't mind having to go back and change a few small details that I have already wrote.

What broke my writer's block the musical Spring Awakening. It was on Broadway in 2007 and went until 2009 I think and I never got to see it then but I was watching YouTube last weekend and came across some clips and was able to find the whole play with the original cast and really all I can say is wow, it was amazing and has unlocked my head and allowed me to write again. So I am thankful.

It is a very controversial play and was banned in the US until the 1960's it was written in 1890 and is a German play that was adapted into a musical in 2001 I think but it took it until 2007 for it to make it to Broadway and I really wish I could have seen it live. It is something every teen should see in my opinion. I know controversial and teen what a thing to promote but hey if the teens don't then their parents should especially those parents ashamed or too scared to talk to their teens about sex because it is a very good story of what can happen when you keep your children in the dark about that subject. It is not a happy play but hey it is a good play.

So that is it for know my writer's block is gone thanks to Spring Awakening I am off to work on Sleepless now.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Selections 13

So it is Sunday Selection time again. This week is from my High School Graduation, so I didn't take them also I graduated three years ago this May and have never blogged this before because I didn't start blogging till a few months later. Anyways Sunday Selections is brought to you my Kim at Frogpondsrock.

I had a lot of decorations.

Me and the only friend I still talk to from High school.

Random Stuff and other ramblings

B's birthday was yesterday I was with her all day she was good and had a really nice birthday. Her party was last Saturday it was fun but I hardly knew anyone so that made it a little weird. We are working on potty training and it is not going so hot. It makes me sad since I am the one dealing with the messes but hey that is what it is.

I really am going to blog more I have a series in mind where I sing songs I like and explain why and all that I think I have mentioned this before it is taking me a while because my computer keeps saying I have no speakers, I have a laptop so this is really weird and if it doesn't stop/if my dad can't fix it I will have to take it somewhere to get it looked at.

Mt rents are in Arkansas right now and my mom brother and I are going next week which will mean new and updated picture of the beautiful baby Zander. I have more recent ones now but they are on my phone and I have to find the right cord in order to get them onto the computer.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunday Selections 12

So it is Sunday Selection time again. If you want to join in go check it out at the wonderful KIM'S blog. And now two pics of my nephew.