Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday Selections 11

It is Sunday Selection Time again and of course this is brought to you by KIM

These are some more from ACL 08. The first is of The Foo Fighters they were the last to preform Sunday. The others are random things that were at the festival.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Addiction part I don't know cause I lost count

My latest addiction Rent and the new Glee songs. I have loved Rent for a while but have just recently gotten back into it. I been listening to the songs for a good couple weeks now and am thinking about watching it again soon.

I absolutely love the Glee Original songs they are very catchy. I have been listening to them since they came out after the episode aired.

Which brings me to the idea I have for another series. I like to sing but have not done that for a while and well I would vlog but I would rather write my thought then speak them I will however record myself singing and write the reason I like the song and why I chose it, not sure how many I will do or when the first will be up but it should be soon.

I also promise that my next post will be longer.

Oh my little brother's birthday was a week ago, he had a good time even though he had to go to school. And that was also Aidan's birthday. My sis-in-law and nephew are in Arkansas and I will be visiting them in April I am very excited about that Zander will be 5 months old.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday Selections 10

So it is that time again, Sunday Selections brought to you by the wonderful KIM. Join in it is very fun.

These are pics from a while ago like 07 so I was 16 I think in the one I am in and yes they are of Aidan, I talked to him the other day he had gotten the birthday presents I had sent him and had called to thank me, I am going to have to find time to go visit him.

Oh and I will be posting more I promise, I have a few post ideas in my head so they should be coming soon.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday Selections 9

So it is Sunday Selections time again. This meme is brought to you by the lovely KIM. These are pics from my brothers Air Force Basic Training Graduation.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunday Selections 8

Today for Sunday Selections brought to you by KIM are some pictures from three years ago. The boy is Aidan and it has been about the same since I wrote about him and it's been a year since I've seen him, sad yes but that is life for you.

Oh and yes I have tried the Vegemite that I got and well I can eat it but in very small amounts, and I mean very small amount.