Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunday Selections 8

Today for Sunday Selections brought to you by KIM are some pictures from three years ago. The boy is Aidan and it has been about the same since I wrote about him and it's been a year since I've seen him, sad yes but that is life for you.

Oh and yes I have tried the Vegemite that I got and well I can eat it but in very small amounts, and I mean very small amount.


River said...

I really like that first photo where the boy is swinging/climbing.

Kim (frog ponds rock) said...

With Vegemite, I spread it super super super thinly on my toast. Or my comfort food is a vegemite and cheese sandwich but the vegemite has to be used very sparingly until you get used to it :) Thankyou for sharing these lovely photos :)

Carolina said...

Vegemite is an unknown substance in the Netherlands. We only know it from the Man At Work song. I'm not sure wether to be happy or sad about that ;-)

Cherie said...

Your photo is beautiful.

Spead a crispy, savoury biscuit with a thick layer of butter, then add a thin spead of Vegemite. It's an acquired taste, I didn't like it till I was an adult. It's great to add to stews and casseroles for an extra beefy flavour.

Anonymous said...

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