Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Selections 13

So it is Sunday Selection time again. This week is from my High School Graduation, so I didn't take them also I graduated three years ago this May and have never blogged this before because I didn't start blogging till a few months later. Anyways Sunday Selections is brought to you my Kim at Frogpondsrock.

I had a lot of decorations.

Me and the only friend I still talk to from High school.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a great day to remember. We didn't have the robes for our graduation.

frogpondsrock said...

I can't remember if we had a graduation ceremony or not. I think we just had an end of year assembly and then went home and anxiously waited for our HSC results (higher school certificate) which would determine if we could get into the University courses that we wanted.
I like your robes, did you get to keep them?

River said...

I missed graduation by leaving school early...I like your red robes.

I really like your blog background.

CherryBlossom24 said...

Yes we got to keep them. And most of the honor cords and stuff around mt neck.

Carolina said...

The robes certainly add something special to graduation day. No such glamour in the Netherlands. I have to think hard to remember my graduation day. We just assembled in the school canteen and got our diploma. That was it I think. And it is such a special day. The end of a chapter in your life. Onwards and upwards.

Marita said...

A special day to remember that is for sure :)