Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Addictions part 7

Yes I went back through to find out what number I was on.

Anyways my new addiction has to do with what unblocked my writers block. It is the music to Spring Awakening. And I know what you are all thinking I have no speakers on my computer that is true I have a CD of the music and listen to it in my car and to make that CD I had to file share with my mom's laptop and will steal hers to listen to the music when I can. However because I have no speakers it has stalled my writing as I don't generally write with other people around so I don't have access to music when I write and I really need it to write. But I have some money in savings and I think my school payment for this set of terms is fairly low and my parents are going to chip in as a Christmas/Birthday present, no I did not get a Christmas present yet and yes my Birthday is in a month from today. So I should hopefully have a new laptop in the next month or so and will be able to get back to writing and all that fun stuff.

So yes all I really listen to right now is the Spring Awakening music and it is wonderful. Now since I wrote all about Spring Awakening in my Writer's block unblocked post I am going to be done for now so...