Monday, November 3, 2008

And Life has become...

Amazing. I am now in a relationship, his name is Jon. He is sweet and amazing and I just love spending time with him. We have been together for a little over a week now and it has been the best week of my life. He is 6'5" to my 5'4" but it just makes fitting under his arm easier. It has taken me years to find a guy I can connect with and get along with and even though this is just starting we both already agree that we connect. We enjoy many of the same things, movies, music, and other stuff. I am still trying to let it click in my head that I have someone that cares about me and that I care about, it is such a weird thing for.

Plus my early class tomorrow got canceled so I don't have to get up early, no class till 12:30pm it rocks.

I also noticed that I have exactly 12 post in September and October which is weird, I'm going to try and fix that this month.