Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am no longer mad at Jon. Why you ask, well my older brother who is the person I am closest to in my actual family is being shipped off to basic as he enters the Air Force. When? The 25th of this month two days before Thanksgiving. I found out on my last break at work tonight, I couldn't believe it he wasn't suppose to go till February/March and now he leave in about a week. What's worse is that right now he is in Arkansas visiting his fiancee, which is good for him but it means he will be with my family for only four days before leaving again and because i no longer live with my family I will only get to see him one more time next Friday when we have a fake Thanksgiving with him before he leaves. All this really made me see the perspective of why I was mad at Jon, yes he was a jackass and said and did some jackass things on Saturday but he is 24 and can go out and drink, I mean he is six years older then me what did I really expect. But I was also mad at him for a pretty foolish and stupid reason so I had to just let it go. My friend/manager, when I told her this as I was leaving work, asked how I was so grown up, she said that was not a typical 18 year-old response, and she's probably right most other 18 year-olds would continue to be pissed and not forgive so quickly but I've never been a teenager I've always been mentally older then my actual age, why I'm dating someone that many years older then me. It made me feel good to hear my friend say that, she is 27 and hearing it from her meant a lot, I mean it is a more adult thing to do and I can see that, but again as I said I've never really been a teen so it's normal for me, I will get pissed at someone for a stupid reason and then just give me a day, or sometime to think, or shock me into reality and I will forgive, I won't forget, but I'll forgive.

My parents invited Jon to our fake Thanksgiving, not sure if he will go or not, I think he's scared to meet them, if I were him I would be. But I'm trying to get him to go not that I'm really ready to introduce him to my rents it has only been a month but I don't think I will be able to see him this week if he doesn't come to the fake Thanksgiving. I've left it up to him, it's his choice, I won't force him to go. That's what I'm saying and I'm sticking to it.

And this is my 12th post this month which means that I will definitely pass the 12 post mark set by myself in the first two months I had this blog. YAY!

**Update my bro actually leaves the 23rd, found that out yesterday. :(


Dina said...

It sounds like you have a lot of stressful stuff going on right now. I can imagine it's very hard to have your brother be so far away.

The boyfriend stuff...That's almost always rough. There's so much pain to go along with the joy.