Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day

Today is the day when we get to find out who will replace the idiotic, stupid moron we call our president. I turned 18 this year so I got to vote. I voted early. It is not as exciting at it would seem to be. Stand in line for two and a half hours for five minutes of actual voting, but hey I can say I voted, I made a difference. I voted in October, there is no way I would be able to vote today, I would have to find time to drive home, yes only a 20 minute drive, but with class and other stuff it wasn't going to happen. So I voted October 25th during early voting.

This is also cool for me cause my novel starts with this election, now yes in my novel neither Obama or McCain win, but I just couldn't turn them into a dictator, well maybe Mc... no McCain is to old and Obama I just couldn't it would be to wrong, therefore I created Victor Banner. So today in the universe of the Sleepless Victor Banner is being elected the President of the United States, for the sake of humanity be glad that he is not real. I created Victor Banner to be a very evil man with a very evil plan. Now I would tell you his plan but that would spoil my novel. Just believe me and be happy that Victor Banner is a fictional character in my head and not a real person being given power over the US right now.

With that being said lets all hope who ever is the 44th President of the US is better then the moron we have now, so that means Obama for win.

(Yay! two post in two days, I will post more then 12 times this month)


Dina said...

Victor Banner is a great villian name.

We voted early too.

Lucky for us it was a short line!

CherryBlossom24 said...


I thought it was a very evil looking name.