Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Young Do Care

It is commonly known that the younger generation of voters, don't vote. This is true to a point. It was seen in this last US presidential election that young students do care and do vote. I asked and I myself have created a video of why I care and why the other person cares about politics. So here are two videos one of Brandon, a friend who agreed to help me show my point, and one of me. These are the opinions are just two young people, I know I can not speak for all but I hope that this shows to some that yea there are younger people who care about the political world. And it took me forever to get this video up, but I again thank all of you for taking the time to view the videos.


Dina said...

I think it's great that you're might be more involved than me. I pay attention to national politics, but local politics much less. I think it's because we've moved so much. I don't consider Texas my home.

I don't think age determines political interest. I think a lot of young people care more than older people.