Friday, December 5, 2008

It got Cold

Wow it got cold, actually cold, not I'm going to be 40 in the morning and 75 by noon, I have been freezing all day walking to class. Okay so it's not that cold, but still cold. I think it's been about 45 all day but I don't own a outside temperature thing and haven't looked at the weather so I cannot know for sure. I like that it's cold I love cold weather, the idea of it at least, it is not a cold thing to be outside in very cold weather when you core temperature is already lower then normal it makes getting hypothermia an easy thing to do, never been it but was near it one day and I was inside and it was summer, tells you how cold my parents use to keep the house. I need a heavier coat but it's Texas once March rolls around said coat will no longer be useful. I think I am just going to go for a whole layers affect, it helped today.

I have very little clue where I will be living for the next month, not sure if I can stay at my dorm, really don't want to move back to my parents even if it is only for a month, and really need to talk to Jon before I make a decision on it. Plus I also have to see what plans are for the up coming holiday, I know my parents want me to be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas but I kinda want to know Jon's plans and if we are going to exchange gifts and all that fun stuff. I think I am start to not like Christmas, Jon is putting up lights for people which means extra money for him but less time with me, plus now I have all this what to get people and all that fun stuff. I'll figure it out though, always do.

Classes ended today and I only have two finals one the 15th and one the 16th, which gives me plenty of study time. I need to pass my pre-cal final, and with a B or A to get at least a C in the class, and it would be nice to get an A on my foreign affairs final so I can get and A in that class instead of a B, but I will probably end up with a B. All my other classes do not have a final.