Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eating is bad for you right?

So with my new piercing has come a price, my tongue is now twice its normal size making it very hard and painful to eat. But who needs to eat right? I mean the body can survive on water alone right? There is nothing unhealthy about not eating right? I can't really complain can I, I did it to myself. But hey that's life right.

Anyways I thought I would post part of my book today so here it is...


In November of the year 2008 a man name Victor Banner was elected President of the United States. He promised change and an end to all the fighting in the world. He was seen as a hero he said all the right things for both parties, he promised compromise. He took office right away not letting the former president finish his term, and began putting thing in action to change the world. In December of that year the wealthiest man in the world, a US citizen, and the two most promising scientist, also US citizens, disappeared along with all their money. It was said their plane crashed over the Arizona desert but the bodies were never found and the searchers gave up. In January of 2009 many Key members of both the Senate and the House were impeached and replaced with men hand pick by President Banner, no one thought anything about it; then weeks later many supreme court justices retired and were replaced by men nominated by President Banner. In February of that year President Banner made a strong alliance with Canada, Mexico, All Countries in South America, and All Countries in Europe, No Countries in Asia, Africa, or Australia would agree with Banner's terms, and then in May of 2013 Banner claimed to be the dictator of not only The United Stated of America but all the countries in his alliance and any county that tried to strike a rebellion would be destroyed, so no one fought, because he had come through on his promise, he had changed the world. In July of that same year the countries who had not joined Banner's dictatorship were destroyed leaving no one to fight, there would never be fighting in the world again. Throughout the month of August in the year 2009 reports of people disappearing were the headlines everyday, by the 9th of September more then a hundred people disappeared of varying ages all said to be dead. On September 10th of 2009 a meteor collided with the moon and the duct that came down to earth changes the genetic code of humans making them no longer need or have the ability to sleep. On that same day in sunny Los Angles California my mother got pregnant with me. Nine months later on June 14th 2010 I was born, Emmalyn Carleigh Stone. I was the first baby to be tested for how many chromosomes I had, some new law form Load Banner, so I was the first to be found with 24 chromosomes, with me the new race of humans was born and we were called the 24's. Nothing was different other then the extra chromosome, for the others at least, I can see things and the doctors call them dreams, just a name of what they all missed. A year later Load Banner banded chromosome testing. I grew up with my family never sleeping but keeping to the old societal norm of being home at night, and so I read a lot. By eighteen I have already finished college and am working on my masters in English. All people know my name and face, I am just as well known as Load Banner and that makes me special.

If you want to read more of my writing go here... ... its only one story but still it's writing right?