Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun things I never want to do again

But have to every year. Being a girl sucks, it sucks very much. I never want to have to go back to the ob again yet I know I must, it is definitely not a pleasant experience and I wish I did not have to go through it ever again. Being a girl sucks.

On a better note I skipped my one class today to hang with this two-year-old that loves me to death. It makes me sad to go see him now because he never wants me to leave and I always have to. He says "Mea Mea, no leave. Aidan go bye bye with Mea Mea?" and I always have to say "No Aidan can't go bye bye with Mea Mea, Mea Mea has to go to school/work. Aidan has to wait for mommy to come." Then he will continue to cry as I have to walk out the door. He is so attached to me. Now I have known him and his parents since he was three months old and I have been babysitting him since he was six month. I am good friends with his mom and she also happens to be one of my bosses at work, but was my friend first. I have taken him from daycare and I have permission to when his parents can't pick him up in time, I have done it recently, takeing him to his mom at work, where I had to be anyways. So I can see how he got so attached it just makes me sad that I make him cry, it didn't use to be like that he use to be fine with me leaving but when I moved to Austin and stopped going to see him everyday, now I only make it there once a week if I'm lucky, he reverted back to what he did when he was one. He is the sweetest kid ever and I hate to see/hear him cry, it makes me sad too. :(