Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cookie and a Condom

So I had my FIG (First-Year Interest Group) seminar today and we played a game about plagiarism. Not very hard and everyone got a prize, which went from first-aid kits, and calendars, to condoms and condom key chains. I was a lucky one and got a condom. What am I going to with it, at this moment of my life, I do not have a boyfriend, and I don't just go around and have one nighters. But I guess this is college and it's time to get over the shock of the difference between it and high school. Well anyway there was a good ending to this seminar we all got cookies as well, it worked out in the end, I left class with a condom in my backpack and a cookie in my mouth.

Though that cookie is the lest solid food I get to eat because I also pierced my tongue, did not hurt when getting pierced but hurt now. :(