Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun and Stupidity

So I was up in Massachusetts and I got a random text from him. It was just a pic of him in a wheelchair at a bar in Oklahoma, he stole the chair from his cousin. Then the next day when I check my email he has emailed me that he will be in Austin for a while. I freak out but luckily at the time I am still up North. So we get back on Wednesday and I am back at work I tell me co teacher about it and she gets me to text him. we text for a good portion of the day. Then when I go home he is on yahoo so we start to IM and that goes on until almost 1am. Well somewhere in there he had asked, no told me that I would be going out with him Friday, as in yesterday, and that my co teacher Jessie should come too. So of course I say yes and we start trying to find Jessie a babysitter. Last minute yesterday I had to beg my mother to watch Jess's children so we could go. I then go have so much fun but I ended up needing to spend the night and did some no so smart things when my other friend left. I will have to talk with Jon again and maybe see him again before he goes back to Tokyo because with things that happened last night I am in a weird state of mind about him.