Monday, September 13, 2010

I can't even believe it

So I got a text at work today from someone I use to work I guess you would still call us friends just with my hours and school I have no time to do anything other than school work and family time/ time to relax and try to write. Anyways back to the text she was asking for Jon's number I was confused and asked why she said she thought he was texting her and it was him before I could give her his number he had confirmed to her that he was him(that sounded really confusing but it is how it happened) anyways I was then confused to why he was texting her and not me and then she sent me a text from him about an email I had sent back in May the last time he was in town and he took it the wrong way plus he had tried to send me emails but I haven't gotten them. Well I said she could give him my number, he claimed he had lost it, and he texted me saying Jessie, my friend, said he needed to call me but he wasn't in a place where he could and I was ok with that since I was at work, anyways turns out he is moving back to Austin, that's right I said moving back to Austin. I'm shocked, surprised, and have a ton of other emotions running through my head and that still can't explain all that I'm going through with that little news. I hoping to be able to talk to him more and see what this really means but still I can't believe it and don't exactly know how to deal with it.