Friday, October 1, 2010

No good title came to me

So a couple days ago I had an idea for a post and now it's gone. Not even sure on what topic this post was going to be on, I should get a notebook or something to write things like that down, you know like when I am writing my novel and stop mid sentence that what I got right now half a sentence and I'm not quite sure where I was going when I started writing it. Oh well it will all work out int the end.

Work has been going so good. B is advancing everyday. She has some many words yet still not enough as she has started hitting when she is mad, and not just with me her parents have noticed the hitting as well, and we are working on that starting with time out because we are not going to put up with this hitting thing. Also she screams and tells me no when I go to change her cloths or give her her bath it is making things a little difficult but I think it is because she wants her privacy but is just not to that point of she can do it herself yet.

I am going to be in aunt in a little over a month and I can't wait. I was writing the weeks/days down to keep track of my hours and I only have five weeks until I will be in Dover to see the little guy. Plus my brother told my mom that he and his wife had someone they wanted me to meet so it should be an interesting trip.

ANd that is it for now.


Dina said...

I love how you adore the child you take care of! I think you're going to be a fantastic aunt.