Friday, December 16, 2011

Chance to travel

So I am a part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and as part of that I have been accepted to have a chance to travel internationally Australia being one of the places to chose from and while I would really love to do it I can't. Don't just because it is expensive I could get a scholarship and probably even save the money if I saved all that was left after bills from my paycheck. No the problem is school. I go to classes year round with a one week break between each ten week term and while it will have me finishing my degree this October it makes it hard to travel like that with a group that has a planed schedule for the time that I would be their. Now if I planed a trip myself it would be different I could plan in the school work my seminars would be the only tricky thing as they are done in eastern time but still it would be possible but not on a group trip like that it just does not work. I really want to do it but it would also require me to take two weeks off work and that would make paying the bills for that month tight. I am sad I cannot go but right now I have to think logically.