Monday, February 27, 2012

And the writing picks up

SO I wrote a huge part of my novel yesterday and I wish I could be writing more constanly but you know I still have to work, though my hours got cut because they put B in preschool so they need me less but I will have to make up so of those hours at my parents daycare until I have my business up and bringing in money but with any luck that will only take a few months. Anyways lots of novel writing will be happening as even with having two jobs I should have way more free time to get schoolwork and work work done so that I can write.

Oh and I have plane tickets so I will offically be going to reason rally and I am so excited.


Mrs White said...

Good to hear that you are finding time to write. Writing is something that I've always wanted to do as well just never really made the time. Life always seemed to get in the way. So I guess blogging for now is the next best thing. Follow your dream. Write! if that's what it is.
All the best.

Mrs White

Anonymous said...

art is the way - be creative