Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday B!

B is 3 today and she is sick, she has mono of all things. Her mom was surprised and slightly confused on how her 3 year old got mono. Her doctor says she could have gotten it from preschool if a kid in her class has older siblings or from just about anywhere so we have no clue where she got it and we are all watching ourselves for symptoms. SO yeah B is 3 but we have to watch for signs of mono in her adult caretakers. Ah whhat a wonderful brithday.


Jacana said...

Nothing worse than sick children - you tend to feel so helpless. My thoughts go out to you.
I would also like to know who put it in children's DNA that they should only have a raging temperature between 1am and 4am ?

Dina said...

Yikes. I hope she feels better; and I hope you don't get it.