Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny is not Safe at my House

Why you may ask. Well my cat has killed three rabbits int the last five days. She ate one and we can't find any bits let. Decapitated all three eating very little of the first she killed, and left only the spinal cord and collar bone, we think of the third. So no the Eater Bunny is in grave danger if he comes here tonight. Though she will be locked in a room upstairs, the Easter Bunny better not go exploring the House, cause he is not safe. There is a killer on the hunt and her name is Callie.

On a side note tonight was my last night to work at HEB.


Veronica said...

Just think, your cat is doing you a favour, rabbits are a pain in the arse!

Also, god I miss my cats.