Monday, July 27, 2009

Life is crazy

So life is weird and crazy. I talked to Jon today you know the whole trying to be friends thing. Well he IMed me first I saw him sign on and waited and he said hi first and we talked for about an hour. He is going to be in Texas in a few weeks I think not sure he never said when he was actually coming but he wants to visit his family he hasn't seen them I think since he moved anyways he asked me to lunch or something when he is here and of course I said yes, I am looking at it as a real goodbye because the I got before he moved sucked cause it was a see you later that got turned into a goodbye when he decided to move to Japan. It will help if I can start a relationship before he comes here because it will be easier to tell myself that we are just two friends having lunch. I know this will be weird for me but if I get my real goodbye it will be so helpful in the moving on process.

In other things yesterday was my mom's birthday. Since it was a Sunday nothing was really that different other then going out to lunch. She had a very relaxing birthday and when she got on the Wii fit it even wished her a happy birthday.