Sunday, February 28, 2010

So I don't leave February on a sad note

I only have two weeks left till next term, I got many transfer credits from UT to Kaplan. The US won overall metal count with 37 plus an excellent and exciting Gold Metal Hockey game today between Canada and the US, and I do not watch Hockey I am a American Football/Football(soccer) fan. And in general things are going well. Going to Roundrock next weekend to Aidan his birthday present even though his fourth birthday is not till the 10th.

Now for some pictures.

My spastic cat.

Little Aidan

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today was a stressful day. A long day. A horrible day. A very very sad day.

It all started like normal. Wake up whenever because is was Sunday. Eat breakfast. Do some school work. Grandparents and Aunts came over, the normal Sunday.

Then all of a sudden I hear screaming and crying, and by then I was watching a movie on my computer. I go downstairs to see what is going on and I see pretty much the whole family leaving. I ask my little brother what is going on and he says that our dog attacked my aunt's dog. Now we keep them separated because we knew he is aggressive, but when my aunt was coming inside she didn't realize that our dog was there and he bolted out the dog and got a hold of her dog. She was dead minutes after he got her but they rushed her to the vet anyways.

I got this all when my grandparents came inside and then I proceeded to follow my parents up to bring my grandparent to be with my aunt. When we got there we knew she was dead and they were filling out the paper work to get her cremated.

We then had to go to a clinic for my aunt because we were pretty sure our dog had also broken her finger while she was trying to get him to let go of her dog.

Right now we are keeping my cat on even tighter lock down from the dog as he spends his last night with us. Tomorrow my parents are taking him to be put down. It is sad in many ways. One he killed my aunts dog. Two she didn't want us to put our dog down but we have to he killed another dog and hurt my aunt. Three he is only five. But he has to suffer the consequences for doing what he did. My little brother is so sad because it was more of his dog then anyone elses. My dad is upset that our dog did what he did. And everyone is sad about what happened. It was a hard day today. And it is going to be a hard couple of weeks.

I am posting twice because I had the other post in drafts for a few days as I was trying to give my blog a new style and while my computer was getting debugged.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The last couple weeks I have read a lot and I mean A LOT. And no not things I should be reading meaning not my text book for school. Now I have A's in both the classes I'm taking so to me it is not a big deal to be reading for fun. I have read five books in just about two weeks. For me this is good and really only took that long because I didn't have as much time to read when I got to the last book. But anyways I've been reading books and blogs and gaining ideas left and right for my own writing. I think I mentioned in my last post that I found my journal from my senior year of high school and although that was only two years ago(wow it just hit me that I have been out of high school for two years) I found the beginnings of my current novel and some very very dark writing that I had written in the whole high school sucks I am all alone thing I was going through. Now the beginning of my novel actually has nothing to do with my novel it was a story I wrote for creative writing that as I tried to turn it into a novel it took a nasty turn and I had to stop.

Now that being said I would love to share it but it is not on this computer it is on my dead one sad I know, it would be very long type for right now. But I have shorter pieces that I am going to share over the next few blog posts.

The first is a short, very short, writing about something backwards it was published in the high school's literary magazine.

Ssecop Gnitirw

The pen on the table is picked up; the cap is removed and brought to the bottom of the page. Moving from right to left words are taken from the page. The scribbles disappear along with the comas, periods, semi-colons, question marks, explanation points, and smudges. Letter by letter words disappear. Half way through the author stops to think. Then again the pen is brought back mid-page and from right to left words disappear. Closer and closer to the top of the page soon only the title remains. The author stops and thinks the title disappears from right to left letter by letter. Another pause the blank paper sitting there the pen in his mouth. The idea is there the concept is good. More time elapses and the idea starts to fade then fully disappears and is gone. The writing process begins.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I feel I need to, and random bits

I really fell I need to post more often. I mean I look at my blog everyday to get to the blogs I read and I really do want to write more and this is my easiest form at the moment at least when it comes to people reading what I write. I've had quite a lot of reader lately and mostly form different countries. Now I do write in a journal type thing but I need to get another one for personal use because the one I have right now is for my exploration into Wicca. And even though that is a personal choice and issue I don't want to mix it with the on going thought I have about my day to day life that I do not wish to share with everyone well anyone for that matter.

Which brings me back to needing to post more. Or at least I feel I need to post more. I don't know I thinks it more I want to post more. For the last few days I've come to look for new post on the blogs I read and have thought to myself 'I need to post' I just finally did that today.

I am excited to say that I am reading for pleasure again, it's been a while and it feels good to escape into a world of fantasy. It makes me want to pick back up in writing my novel but when I just look at my time I have very little time for myself with work and school, and I'm still not in a place to be writing some of the sub-plots of my book, I need to be happier, not that I'm not happy, I'm just not happy enough. I'm also really tired and my brain goes all fuzzy when tired.

I was looking for paper the other day and found my journal for my senior year I didn't even remember writing some of the stuff and reading about things that happened some of it was like 'That happened? I can't believe I forgot about that" Wow what almost two years does to the memory.

I got my new car. That was an exciting experience. Have had it for about 3 weeks. It's an 07 Chevy Equinox. I LOVE IT! It is a dark gray and looks like the picture mostly, mines muddy from having a dirt driveway and it raining for the last three weeks.

On a sadder yet exciting note my older brother passed the test/training he needed to to be deployed. Which is good for his career but sad to think that he could be sent overseas to where it is not safe.

Well I know this had random jumps but it was what what on my mind and it felt good to write again.