Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the Verdict

I may be moving to California in a few months. I know sounds big, it is big. Jon and I talked a lot last night and pretty much decided that no neither of us was ready for this to end, it is going strong and although neither of us knows where it will end we don't want to cut it short by ending it when he moves. Though he will be moving out in the next month, mean mid February at the latest, so we will be trying the long distance thing for a while and if we are still going strong and really think we are ready I will take the jump, change schools and move to California. I will however end up taking next year off if I do this move to get settled, get a job, and learn the area, plus if I'm there before I apply I can apply as a resident and pay cheaper tuition. I am willing and ready to do this but really it all depends on how the next four months go, I am actually really hoping to be moving in the next few months, I think it will do me wonders, but I will not move if Jon and I are no longer going the way we are now. I guess right now it is just one big waiting game.


Dina said...

I think that's really exciting.

I moved to NYC to be with my boyfriend when I had just gotten out of college. I remember feeling shame for that and making excuses. "Well, I'm really going there because I want to get into publishing" or "I want to live somewhere where I don't need to drive." Those were all very valid reasons, but the main reason I moved was to be with my boyfriend.

Now I look back and see nothing wrong with it. Yes, you'll be making a sacrifice for love. It might not be a feminist ideal. But you'll also be gaining something. Maybe? California might have wonderful opportunities for you. And even if the relationship doesn't work out, I think you'll gain something from the experience of living somewhere different.

What are you studying in school?