Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day

So classes started today and I only had one at eight this morning. It was French I have it everyday, but it is the only class I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays so if I do my homework for the class right after the class I am done with school on Tuesdays and Thursdays by ten. I work on Tuesdays now so I really just get a break between school and work but on Thursdays when I don't work all that time I will have, and what will I do with it. Most likely sleep, or get stuff for other classes done, I will just have to see how productive I feel. Although tomorrow and Mondays and Fridays and also all the Wednesdays this Semester I will have four classes staring with French and ending at two with Geography of Latin America at two, with Astronomy and Fundamentals of Acting in the middle. Really thinking about it and typing it out makes it feel a whole lot less stressful then last semester, I'm thinking I will have a really fun semester.

I leave tomorrow for San Antonio to see my big bro graduate from Air Force Basic Training and to possibly get married. No one in the Austin area knows what is really going to happen with the wedding, it is one mass of confusion.

Jon lost a co-worker who was a good friend to him, to suicide, on Wednesday of last week, but because of a dental appointment he had Thursday he did not find out about it until yesterday. I didn't get to see him but when I was talking to him he sounded so out of it, I felt really bad that he had to go through this so close to such a good life change in his life. Which last i heard EA was up to 60k a year plus moving expenses and the whatever it would cost for Jon to break his lease here in Texas. I guess we are waiting to hear what Sony offers to that and then he should be making hid decision on which company he will be working for, he would prefer EA so lets all just hope that Sony wont offer anymore then the 58k they are already at.

That would be it for now, cause life just keeps going.