Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dude it's my Birthday.

I feel old, and I'm only 19. but you know it is not fair Bella in Twilight got to be 18 forever why can't I. Where is my extremely hot not sadistic vampire. Why do I have to grow older? So not fair. Though I am happy and it is the first time I get to get presents that are not from myself. Ok Ok since I was 16 but geeze is a trip to Europe really a Birthday present if you pay for it yourself, yes I was in Paris on my Birthday that year and got Champagne and had the time of my life but really I did pay for it. I have oh never mind I got my Zune when I turned 17 again bought it myself and well 18 was four days after graduation so everything was given as a both, so what if I didn't have to pay for the laptop that was graduation and partially from my school and the car well that was needed and a piece of crap does not come across as present material to me. But my dad mentioned getting me something this year so there is hope. Ok so I am excited it is my birthday maybe I'll get lucky and find my vampire and convince him to freeze me forever at 21 so I can at least drink legally before going through all the pain it takes to become a vampire.