Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Done

I got sick of being ignored or whatever by him so I sent him an email today saying some of the things that I wanted to say and asking some of the questions I had wanted to ask saying I would cut him out if he was a jerk again because I cared about him and in the past year he has made it really to do that and I needed answers and he said he didn't have any so I've cut him out this should be the last post about him ever and I wish I could have had an easier time moving on last year when this all started but life is life and you can't change it, you may notice I don't even want to type his name anymore. He lied many time and he's become a jerk and I don't need that, so he's out. I deleted him from my phone email and im and I may even go delete the post about him after this has been up for a bit but not sure as he still was a part of my life at one point and I can't change that. I sad but glad it's over I can really move on now knowing that I hopefully won't ever have to hear from him or see him again.


Dina said...

You sound strong and ready to move on.


I hope you eventually meet someone wonderful enough to deserve you.

lisa said...

Awww. I'm sorry to hear about this. I hope things get better for you! Leaving him was probably the best thing to do! Hugs. :)