Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Americans are Prudes

Yes I said it. I believe I've said it before. And yes I believe it has to do with Puritans being some of the first to inhabit what would become the US. I mean hey when tracing back my family I can find relatives that came over on the Mayflower so heck my ancestors were Puritans. But really with all that is out there now Americans are still Prudes. I mean a show called Skins just starting airing on MTV and it is a remake of a British show and I watched something that showed a tweet about the show and this person is probably the biggest prude out there, they said sex, drug and what not with teens may be ok for the UK but not in the USA. This person obviously has no clue what goes on in highs schools in America. This show may be a remake of a British show but dang does it nail high school life. And no not every one has a high school experience like that shown on the show but really I saw/heard about more sex and drugs then I have seen so far on this show. I mean in you walk into most high schools and just listen to the students you will hear about a party you will hear about sex and drugs and heck walk into a bathroom and you may even smell the pot some kid was smoking before school. Don't get all freaked out about a show that is rated TVMA, I mean if you're an adult and don't want to watch it don't and if you're a parent and don't want your kid to watch it set the parent control or take the TV/computer out of your kids room. Because seriously I like Skins as it is the first show that actually shows how teens talk and what they talk about. So I am so sorry if most Americans are just a bunch of Fucking Prudes that need a reality check on what goes on in teenage life, heck and I grew up in a small city that requires a car to go anywhere and this stuff went on, well mostly in the school because you knew you could reach people. I may have never been in a bathroom when someone was having sex but I sure as hell heard about it. Teens will be Teens and this show is not going to give them any new ideas that stuff is already happening and has been for well pretty much as long as there has been school, my mom says this happened in her schools but hey she did grow up in the 70's but she also says it went sown when my grandparents and great grandparents went to school, so really Americans need to stop being stuck up prudes and either parent their children themselves or stop giving a crap if they don't have kids because I am seriously getting sick of people talking about how bad a influence Skins is.


Corone said...

The first series of Skins here in Britain was hilarious, since then they've become less and less representative of what teen lives actually encompass. But oh well, reality isn't entertaining. I very much enjoy your blog, keep it up! x

Sonny Faye Jones said...

Simply put that is the TRUTH...Parents are scared to realize teenager are doing the damn thing. Simply put, a little bit of everything. feel free to visit my BLOG.