Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday Selections Sunday Selections

For this weeks selections I have chosen to show off my tattoos. I have three right now, want more but they are a very expensive hobby. So for now I have three. Anyways Sunday Selections is brought to you by Kim @ Frogpondsrock.

Most recent tat, and my favorite.

Second one I got, it has faded because I took Aidan one day to the park and didn;t realize how sunny it was and I sunburnt the tat so now it is not as dark.

The First tat I ever got.

This is the same tat as above but from a cooler angle.


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

I have just one - a butterfly.
I thought about another. I wanted it on the soul of my foot but have never been game to go back.

Beautiful - all of them.

Toni said...

Oh NICE! your tatooist is a helluva lot better than the nong who defaced my husbands' back. LOVE the new one.

frogpondsrock said...

Heh nice tats Megan. I only have one tattoo and that is also because they are so expensive and then I couldn't make up my mind what new tattoo I wanted. I did want a bracelet but now they are popular I am pleased I didn't end up getting one because everyone has one.

Carolina said...

They are beautiful tattoos. The second one looks Keltic?

CherryBlossom24 said...

Carolina yes the second is Celtic.

Jay said...

I have none! I am allergic to so many things I'd hate to find I had an allergy to the ink AFTER it had been done!

I like your newest one!