Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunday Selections- Snow in Central Texas?

So snow where I live is not very common. It has snowed in the past and as a child I did get a few snow days, though never in the same year (except for my freshman year of high school we got at least three and had to have a make up day at the end of the year)but still not an every day occurrence. Well yesterday(Friday) it snowed, and a lot, like a new record for the area but when I say a lot I mean like an inch. I know we can't handle snow and well most of my snow days were really ice days but hey I still had no school. SO that is why this weeks selections are snow pictures. Plus it was in the 70's on Monday so it really isn't fair that it got so cold so fast, because Tuesday it was in the 30's and it just kept getting colder. But I digress, Sunday Selections is a photo meme brought to us by KIM.

That was my car at 7am.

Oh and we still had snow this morning but because we have a really covered porch, it was below freezing last night, and had yet to melt. But it is gone now and we are back in the 50's/60's.

*All temps are in Fahrenheit, you know cause I grew up with that, so if you know Celsius sorry for no conversation but I think it would be like going from 21C to -1C over night.


Watershedd said...

32F is 0C. Yep, that's cold. We are having the opposite in Sydney, with a heatwave all week, not a day below 35C (95F). Yesterday, it was 41c (106F). Thank heavens, we have a cool change on the way sometime this morning. The climate on our east coast has been nuts so far this year.

Wanderlust said...

Wow, you got snow that far south?! We got quite a bit in Kansas and I know Oklahoma did too, but I didn't realize it went all the way down to Austin. That's really something.

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Wow. its so strange to be looking at photos of snow when it has been so boiling hot here.

Kim (frogpondsrock) said...

Yay for snow. We are not very well set up for snow here in Australia either and the sort of snow that happens in the Northern hemisphere is really hard to comprehend. We get snowed in here with only an inch or two of snow as well :)

thanks for joining in Megan

Carolina said...

The weather is freaking out all over the world isn't it? Perhaps it's trying to tell us something ;-)

Jay said...

Wow ... snow in Texas!! I bet that comes as a nasty surprise! I can't imagine living somewhere where the temperature rises and falls so fast - I'm told it can do that in Canada (shorts in the morning, padded jackets by afternoon) but I don't think I'd cope very well. England might be cold and damp a lot of the time, but things don't usually swing so crazily from one extreme to the other!

BTW, we have centigrade now but I still work in Fahrenheit, because that's what I learned as a child!