Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Addictions part 3

So my next addiction has come and gone, well not really gone but anyway. It is a show called Dead Like Me. This show only lasted 2 seasons, 24 episodes and a movie. It is an awesome show with the word fuck said a lot and when I say a lot I mean more times then you can count per episode. I said it is gone because I have in the last few days watched all episodes and the movie. But it is still an addiction, and yes it is another one about death. As it is a show about Grim Reapers. I'm am sad it only lasted what it lasted but that is TV for you. I have other addictions ready to write about but I am sticking to one per post. So back to Dead Like Me. I fucking love it, it has made me want to say the word fuck a whole lot more. Which I cuss but not a lot since I work with a child but anyways it really has me wanting to use the word fuck more.

I do have to say I hate what they did with the movie, not the plot or anything that happened, but a casting choice. They changed one of the main characters and the persons the choice looked nothing like the original and that sucked balls. I mean I get that you can't always get that actor for something like that but okay so they had a new boss I betting because the original couldn't do the movie but they made a new character and I think that is what they should have done for the one that they kept the Character but changed the actor it pissed me the fuck off and I'm sure it did the same many other fans. The original had a way with the role she was the role and the impostor was fatter,uglier, and couldn't pull the character off it really sucked ass and was so fucking irritating. As you can see fuck is the word of the post but really I am just being true to the addiction, because seriously there was a line that went fuck you fuck fuck fucker fuck fuck fuck, and I'm not kidding Reapers cuss like no shit, watch one episode and you would see why fuck would want to become a more used word in your vocab.

This being said netflix is the best as it lets me watch this stuff and get my TV addictions.

So Dead Like Me a fucking awesome show that makes one want to use the word fuck a whole lot more then they currently do.

And that my friends is my addiction for the time being so until next time, Peace.