Thursday, December 2, 2010

I don't normally do this kind of post.

As the title says I don't normally do posts like the one I am now writing(I post after I draft, thus part of the reason for the last post) so why am I now, I don't really know I just felt like, what is this post that I would not normally do, well you're going to just have to keep reading to find out but it won't be too much longer before I get to the point.

Okay so my point, right you want that now. Well let me start with giving a little background on why I don't normally do this type of post, well I don't like confrontation so I try to not rock the boat. I have my views and will express them with my family but I don't even share all my views with them and being my family they can at times gleam what I feel and or how I feel about something, well I am going to share some of my views here today and not everyone my understand or agree with them, that being said remember my last post no ugliness or rude/hurtful comments, state your opinion and be kind to all any ugly or rude comment will not be posted.

So I read today an article on yahoo about ads for atheists and christens, talking about this and that and hoe there is an atheist ad campaign that happens to be running during Christmas. Well I am neither and atheist or a christen, I really don't know what I am. My parents think and say I am having a loss of faith and are sure that I will find my path, I think if I am going to be anything at this time I'll will be a Wicca, but that is for later. As with all articles on yahoo people can comment and there were some fairly ugly comments towards the atheists.

So my views, I think if there is a god he wouldn't care what the people and things he created thought and believed if he or she or some sexless all powerful being exists he she it will love everything it created. It won't send those who don't follow some book written by man and not him her it. He she it won't care if you believe in he she it or not he she it will love you all the same. No matter your beliefs not matter what you do because he she it made you or made it possible for you to be made and made it possible for you think and and breath and move and feel and be who you are and believe what you want, if the is a heaven there is no hell because no being that created a world would send those who he she it made to a place that is full of fire or lack of hope or there is fear or there is hurt, if there is a hell then we are all on it now and if we can make it through then we get the easy afterlife of heaven, we are not judged at death that makes not sense to be judged at death, we all live a life of ups and downs we all live in our own person hells at one point or another so why on earth in hell whatever ever saying you prefer would something someone that allowed to be created send of to a worse place than we are already in, that is just wrong and no loving higher being would do that, no truely loving being could do that.

I don't believe in organized religion, Wicca is the least organized religion that I can see good points in but I still wouldn't join anything, all they do is shove falsehoods down your throat and scare and guilt people in to doing what they think is right they don't talk to god if they do then they are crazy or have some mental disease and need help, either way if anyone say they talk to god they need help. I do get that some people well a lot of people need structure and people telling them what is right and wrong and that it is how a lot of people find tier ethic and morals but all organized religions are technically cults it's just the 'mainstream' ones are culturally and socially accepted but it still doesn't change the fact that they a cults as the definition of the word cult is "a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies." this came from I think if there is a god that life is not a test per say but a way of seeing how its creations is changing and evolving and when our life comes to an end the all power being if it exists will take us to in the infinite space of the universe. As an intellectual being myself I can't truly say what is or is not out there as I do not have all the facts, but I can express my views and say what I think and believe. I don't do these kinds of post because I don't like confrontation but the comments in that article bugged me and I know I didn't link it well I'm thinking I should so here it is.

And that is all for today mostly because I am losing my train of thought.


Big Dog Talking said...

What always surprises me about religious folk (like the ones leaving the nasty messages on Yahoo) Is why they worry so much about non believers. If they know the path to a great after life and dummys like me won't listen then why get upset, its my problem isn't it. They should just shrug and feel sorry for me but they don't they get all angry. Isn't that a strange reaction. Although perhaps not if they are worried they might be wrong.