Saturday, December 11, 2010

Addictions part 1

As I go through life I see something mostly on TV and then become addicted to it, this time it is the show Bones. I have watched Bones for a while now so it is really not a relatively new addiction but in the last few weeks I have watched/am watching every episode available on Netfilx. Before Bones it was Roswell, which sparked an idea for another novel, Bones did not do that as although I like murder mysteries I could not write something like that, although I have discovered that I write dark really well, maybe I'll write a novel on suicide, like a collection of different people committing suicide each chapter being the story of how that person got from living life to killing themselves, it would be really dark but not the first book about suicide as I read one about two years ago called Th3rteen R3ason Why, it was good, sad, but good. I say that because this post was about how good of a dark writer I am and the post it was on was a short prose of the experience of someone committing suicide. So writing multiple of those with more back story and detail could be an interesting thing for me. Maybe my addictions to a show about death and murder is bringing up the dark part of me, I know I am good at writing dark things so I know I should pursue that, but Sleepless is actually going well right now and of what I have written although I notice a dark undertone it is not a dark story everyone that has heard about it or read it has found it to be good and interesting. I love my dark writing but I also love my not so dark writing.

I do have to say that I think I am addicted to the dark writing more, because I am thinking of adding some darker elements into Sleepless, not for sure but seeing where the writing takes me.

On a different note I will be posting more pics of my nephew Zander asap and possibly tomorrow.

Oh this is also going to be a series of post about things I have become addicted to, weather they be books, TV shows, or other things.