Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Addictions part deux

So a musical addiction this time, and that would be Evanescence. I got hooked on them way back in middle school and had not listen to them in a while when travel they came up on my mp3 player and now it is all I want to listen to. It has broken my Paramore addiction, which I have had for a good two years now I sure a break is okay, plus I have a huge playlist in Zune that has both and many other random songs I like to listen to, but right now I am listening to the Evanescence playlist and probably will for a while.

It is dark music that I actually got into in a not so dark part of my life things where about to go dark but I didn't know that, maybe that is why I was drawn to it, as I was only two years away from high school which is what started some of the darkest years of my so far short life. Which that story is for another post as those sad days were not an addiction.

I think I have come back to them for the dark aspect. Although I don't want Sleepless to get too dark it has its dark aspects and well to help get me back into dark places dark music is a must. I listened to this when I read a book called Cut, it was about cutting, I think I listened to this whenever I'm reading a dark book. But anyways it will definitely be on the playlist when I write the Suicide book.

I just took a look around my room which hasn't changed much since high school and I can count the dark elements of my decorating. My room is weird I think it would be hard to tell what I was like just by looking at it, though then again I guess it could tell a whole lot about who I am/was like I said hasn't changed since high school.

Anyways yes I am addicted to dark music. I love it makes it easier to write sometime, though I haven't tried writing to it recently. Which I think is what I am going to go do.

Till later. Peace.