Monday, March 2, 2009

China of all Places

So last Tuesday the last thing I heard from Jon is I'm going to get drunk. He is in California has been for almost two weeks. Well I needed to talk to him so I told him I would call him later, I had told him to call before that and someone who had the same phone picked it up and texted me back and it was confusing and when everything got worked out the last thing I hear from him is he is going to get drunk. Well I call him before I go to bed to tell him on his voice mail that I will call him the next day to talk. So the next day Wednesday I text him and then nothing. And then the same on Thursday and nothing, and then Friday nothing, and the same Saturday and again on Sunday by Friday I was freaked. I had no clue if he was dead alive ok not ok. I even said I would call his mom if I did not hear from him by tomorrow, and then the cosmos came to my aid and he was on yahoo when I got back from class today. Relief swept over and I hung up the phone with my mother to talk to him. He told me he was in China, China of all places. So I ask him why he is in China, well of course it was for work and it must have been on Wednesday cause that was the day I lost contact. He was asked if he was still packed from moving, and since he is living on someones couch of course he is still packed, he said yes and was handed a ticket to China to go promote a game. Well his phone doesn't work over there so he has gotten none of my calls or texts and when I told him I was going to call his mom he freaked. He is happy and healthy and having a good time in China and I am no long in a state of stress and worry. It was 4:30am tomorrow there and it was the first time he got to use a computer for non work purposes and I could not be happier, cause I did not want to call his mother and I wanted him to be ok. So my week of stress is over and things are good. But how random was his trip to China? I mean like bam he is in China. This is going to be a crazy new life. I am going to talk to my adviser tomorrow to talk about transferring and the best way to do that. I never saw my life going this way but I couldn't be happier that my life is going this way.