Sunday, March 15, 2009

Japan now

Jon is now in Japan and will be there for about another week. They are done with whatever it was they were doing but now are just visiting Japan. I'm actually kinda of jealous I want to go to Japan one day and he loves it there. I think he is just excited that in the few weeks for working for EA that he gets to travel, I think this is his first time out of the US but I'm not sure will have to ask the next time I talk to him. I really just can't wait till I can talk to him on the phone again.

My little brothers birthday was on the 10th he turned 11 it was also Aidan's birthday he turned 3. I got Aidan a toy set of dinosaurs and nothing yet for my brother but three year olds are way easier to shop for. We are going out to dinner tonight for my little brother and I will be taking him to Six Flags on Wednesday.

I have this whole week off work and I am so looking forward to just be able to relax.

My older brother is getting married in April meaning I get to go to Maryland. I think it is so he can get his fiancee pregnant which is totally up to them, but he is still in training for another 12 weeks and they wont be able to be together.

My older cousin is allso getting married next year though. She is 21 and he is 48. I know I am dating someone older then me but only 6 years not over 20. I find it gross but I will be happy for her, if this is what she wants and will make her happy then she can have it.