Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am really into two post a day this month

I am done. My last final is complete and I now have a whole year off of school. Of course i will be working but it is for my parents and it is for what i want to do in life so even if it is stressful i think i can handle it. I am just really excited to not have to deal with learning anymore information that won't really help me, at least now i will be learning stuff to help me in my future. I just can't believe that this year is over. I will be 19 in just over two weeks and so much has happened in this first year of adulthood. It is really hard to mark years by physical year because for me in January my year is just a little over half way through, while in school i still have half of whatever grade i am in to complete and in real life i still have six months until i age a year, so news years for me is more of just a change of date then the start of anything new. I start my year in the summer closer to my birthday, that is the big change for me, that is when my clock of judgment starts again, that is when i really access what happened in the year and what i want to happen in the next. nothing changes for me before then, nothing about me physically really changes till my birthday. On that third day of June that is when I start over.