Saturday, May 16, 2009

I kinda did It

So if you count the hours i spent reading then yes i read the whole Twilight Saga in four days. I just can claim that they were in a row i had to finish some of Breaking Dawn on Friday because well my stupid final got in the way and I had to study for it at least a little bit and lost a good six hours of reading so that when it was time to go to my final i would not be in the middle of a really good part, so i was up till 4am thrusday to friday and then woke at 10am friday and was finished reading by 1:38pm. so it took me only about three and a half hours to finish had my final not gotten in the way I would have been all good. I also read a really short book yesterday as well, i started it at like 10pm and was finished by 1am, i am reading a lot right now to keep myself distracted it works and it doesn't work all at the same time, but at least i am being productive.


Dina said...

I need to read those books someday.

I'm sure I'd probably love them!!!